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  1. for example, blatta->blattella chlora->chlorella umbra->umbrella ...etc. what means '~ella' in Latin scientific name? the reason what i ask this here is, i want to know certainly 'Blattella=Blatta'. PS:sorry for my english.
  2. a long time ago,i saw this Eushelfordia pica's picture. but now, i can't find the picture. i was saved that time, but the picture was strange one beside it. this is it. who can find Eushelfordia pica's picture for me? PS:sorry for my English.
  3. Archiblatta hoeveni. i did know this is Skunk roach, but Skunk roach was Eurycotis floridana. OTL what's Archiblatta hoeveni's common name? PS:also Archiblatta hoeveni has chemical weapon?
  4. How Wonderful! i saw flying roach photo at first now.
  5. i read some article of 'B-52 Cockroach' in Hawaii from a book 'The Compleat Cockroach'. i want to know 'B-52 Cockroach's spec name. who can inform info for me?
  6. to.Megaloblatta please tell me where is this's original photo. to.Peter Clausen what's this species's scientific name?
  7. http://www.bidabug.org/Forum/index.php?showtopic=1007 i saw this and surprise. is this genus Prosoplecta?
  8. hey,however,here is no roaches even hissing roach only house roaches in Korea!
  9. Eucorydia yasumatsui Japanese silk roach Eucorydia aenea dasytoides Taiwanese flower roach
  10. oh,thanks every time. Opisthoplatia orientalis? this Japanese Satsuma Roach? what a surprise! wait,Epilampra wheeleri is?
  11. Epilamprinidae introduced in a book'The Compleat Cockroach' by Black Bottom Cockroach(right?) i read this spec is swimming roach, i've interesting in this. who show me some photo of Epilamprinidae,Black Bottom Cockroach,please? PS:this photo is Epilampra wheeleri. is this spec swimming roach,too?
  12. what's Attaphila fungicola's family? when i searched, one site told Polyphagidae, another told Blaberidae, the other told Blattelidae. what's true!?
  13. to Orin McMonigle: me too.that's not roach's antenna,and that's not ladybug,too. to romango: nice to meet you. i'd like to exchange and breed pet roaches like Hissing roach or Rhino roach, but it cannot export Korean species and cannot import Abroad species. Korean species info are here. http://www.bidabug.org/Forum/index.php?showtopic=1077
  14. http://www.jasa.pe.kr/pulmuchi/sciname.htm First,look at the 3. Blattodea. american,german roaches are incomed. Korean wild roaches is, Periplaneta japonica Blattella nipponica Asiablatta kyotensis <Rare Symploce striata <Rare Cryptocercus kyebangensis in Mountain Kyebang. photos are all in that above site. thanks.
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