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  1. Lol. All the time. Cicindela, asilids, clerids, roaches. I love bugs. Got too obsessed quit my job hahaha
  2. insectnet.com also rocks. feel your pain. lol
  3. Wonder if different bats guano(poo) tastes different? Each bat species have different diets. Also you can buy many flavors of bat guano at horticulture supply stores now. They come from different countries each has unique N.P.K levels. Guess someone needs to experiment.
  4. Great post. Hymenoptera rock! Awesome photos.
  5. Howdy you'll its been awhile. Missed talking about roaches. Anyway would like to report that Arenivaga are found in Aguanga Ca. This borders the Anza Borrego Desert locally there are no sand dunes. Males are attracted to uv light learning more will keep everyne informed. Thanks Ian
  6. Whole in abdomen? Maybe Hymenoptera related? Have never experienced this.
  7. Well its hard to believe the Ivory bill is extinct. Spend some time up the bayou. Brinkley AR the recent hot spot what I call BFE bum %$#@ Egypt. Lots of swamp not many people big trees. Have a feeling the birds have been rediscovered but the few people who know want to plan ahead. Well to the bigfoot non believers come to NorCal. There is hundreds of miles of wilderness its atleast fun to look.
  8. Lol I came home one day with a 14 inch grizzly tatt up my whole side and my wife liked it. Guess I'm lucky well she did marry me with a large turkey vulture tatt. Well I love my tatts more everyday
  9. Imperial Dunes SOCAL is were I want to look. Have found Parcoblatta americana in the Yolla Bolly Wilderness.
  10. Wow nice pics. Thats the place I want to go collecting> Lucky looks great.
  11. Wow would love to live in Hong Kong and collect roaches. Welcome, sure you can find lots of roaches there I'd druel over.
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