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  1. My blaptica dubia seem to be not eating i have the egg cartons on one side and then on the other side i have romain lettuce and some dog food/ dry mix. I do not want them to kill each other because they cant find food. how do i fix this. I think i found about 3-5 dead this week. Does anyone have any tricks on setting up a roach colony.
  2. Im not sure of what to feed my roaches i got some free food from blapticadubia.com but im not sure what to feed them thank you -chris
  3. Im new to this site my names chris, anyways i have 3.5 mos old female veiled chameleon and i want to start a dubia colony. I do not know where to start i need to know. Supplies Resources Where to purchase( a good known seller) How many to start with male/female count Basic info If anyone has dubias they would sell or if it be better to order online. Thank you for any help. Example on resources- tub dirt cartons heat not sure what to use Chris
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