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  1. Hello Tommy, nice to see you here.
  2. My frend didnt identificated his insect .
  3. I think one or two, exactly i dont know. I am breeding him only about two weeks. I was catched in my room.
  4. It is one of Orthoptera. I think similar i was sow in my friend colection,he was gave it from China, from Shanchai. I will ask him for it.
  5. Yes, i know what you say Orin McMonigle. In lithuania most people very dislake roaches, but i love him. I have breeding this species too as pet. Today they give birth about 20 little roaches.
  6. This is species of cockrpaches, which lives natural in Lithuania. It is Blattella germanica. They are living in flat and are wrecker.
  7. I have keeping Acheta domestica as pet.
  8. Hello BugmanPrice, nice to see you there, what species of roaches you think to keep?
  9. Yes, there much people very dislike roaches, they thing that all roaches are wreckers. But there are some people group, which like cockroaches as pet at home.
  10. It nice to acquaintance to you. In Lithuania are big problem to buy a cockroaches, so i am watching people from other land, which can send it to Lithuania.
  11. Oh, you have relative from Lithuania?
  12. Hi Crepsis, i started keeping it before half year. Where are you from Crepsis?
  13. It can be Lytta vesicatoria, in what country this beetle was found? This beetle is very toksical.
  14. Hello, my name is Donatas, i am from Lithuania. I am student of Vilnius pedagogical university. Cockroaches is my hobby. I have Gramphadorhina portentosa, Blaberus craniifer and Blaberus giganteus, also i have Tenebrio molitor, Zoophobas morio, Eurycantha calcarata and Baculum extradentatum.
  15. I have Blaberus craniifer, and they never eat their old exoskeletons. What a pity that in Lithuania arent other species of Blaberus cockroaches.
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