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  1. well i live near the santa ana wash so ive been looking in there.
  2. I've been looking around Redlands for Arenivaga investigata for a while not with no luck. Itd be cool to find out if there are some in socal at a reliable place. How far down do you need to dig?
  3. well you may wanna consider not losing your money. They won't ship to the united states. and if they do it will be confiscated at the check.
  4. i know im reviving a dead topic... but wanted an update on these guys. they are pretty cool looking. I kinda like the fact that they are so small. if your able to breed them would you be willing to sell any? or atleast direct me to an area where i could find some?
  5. Im not sure as to the species but a few desert roaches have been found around socal. I saw one years ago before I was into roaches. Now that im into them i look every chance i get... but havent found one yet.
  6. I know this is several years later.... talk about a late reply. I actually had received a small pine tree at a fair.. it was just a little torey pine no taller then five inches... I needed to put it down for a moment so i set it down in with the hissers.... came back a few hours later when i remembered and they had eaten the entire tree.... i was sad that they had just eaten my new tree. but startled that they would eat a living pine.
  7. black throats! if only i had the back yard space for one... but ive already taken up a ton of space for my tortoises lol.
  8. actually lots of lizards will do that... bearded dragons and monitors included. Especially juvenile lizards to get the extra nutrients.
  9. wish i had adult domino roaches...

  10. i think this needs a bump is it better to leave the ooths in the enclosure with the adults or take them out? and if you should take them out how should you incubate or store them?
  11. is that typical for this species? I just received four very small babies from a friend...they are all varying in size a bit so im assuming they are like a week or two apart from each other.
  12. are the Therea grandjeani about the same in keeping requirements?
  13. im from arachnoboards also...lol my username there is radjess331
  14. ive found that when you feed your roaches like everyday the become picky like dogs and cats are...however if you feed them like once or twice a week which i plenty for a hisse colony they will eat pretty much everything.....i feed mine exactly the same stuff i feed my beetles, and my meal worms....which is pretty much anything i have on hand which is usually carrots and random letuces but they have readily taken my leftover brockly, crickets, lettuce, green beans, dead meal worms, baby pine trees, and anything else i put in with them.....lol
  15. btw the males have horns or well sort of its a large bump on the headthen females but its not a guessing game when they are adults...males have clearly larger horns then females....females jut tend to have little bumps male!: www.legendsofamerica.com/photos-texas/MadagascarRoach.jpg female http://www.hissingcockroach.com/Image030.jpg
  16. you dont have to feed them every day in fact as nymphs they wont eat it all and it will spoil, cause mold, which can kill your roaches...and yeah you can put them with the larger roaches just make sure there is stuff in there for them to hide under and to climb. if its just substrate the babies will hide under mom and dad roach making them mad and the male roach will clip the antenas of the smaller ones...
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