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  1. Cockroaches are white following each molt and it can take a few hours for normal coloration to return.
  2. Posted by billy on 9/4/2007, 5:23 pm, in reply to "ANYBODY HAVE Blaptica Dubia FOR SALE CHEAP" no. nyvegapr@yahoo.com
  3. Posted by Dave on 6/9/2007, 12:25 pm, in reply to "ANYBODY HAVE Blaptica Dubia FOR SALE CHEAP" I have lots of dubia, email me with size and quantites you are interested in and I will get a price back. thanks, Dave davegrimm1@gmail.com
  4. ANYBODY HAVE Blaptica Dubia FOR SALE CHEAP Posted by RICK on 6/9/2007, 1:21 am I'll want to try some of these guys as feeders as well...Anyone have some for sale cheap ? From what I've read seem to be good for feeders and they're not climbers...I currently have Lobster and Blaberus discoidales.... Rick THEERUIZFAMILY@NETSCAPE.NET
  5. Posted by andy on 8/31/2007, 12:55 am, in reply to "excess roaches for trade" hissers gone!
  6. Posted by andy on 8/26/2007, 4:58 pm excess h.flexivatta and regular hissers(edults and nymphs)looking to trade for other roaches.Let me know what you have? Andy bluefrogtat2@insightbb.com
  7. Posted by andy on 8/25/2007, 10:07 pm have h.flexivatta and hissers?trade for other roaches.let me know what you have to trade belvidere,il.
  8. Posted by lemon on 8/21/2007, 12:16 am, in reply to "Roach pic to share" wow .. thats a sweet looking buddie there just beautiful! lem Link: http://lemonjames.com lemon@lemonjames.com
  9. Posted by orin on 5/13/2007, 9:30 am, in reply to "Roach pic to share" That's a nice male E.capucina, nice species too. Check the size and genders on your nymphs since if they're all from the same oothecae you may end up with all adult males long before any females emerge. elytraandantenna@lycos.com
  10. Posted by Matt K on 5/11/2007, 8:42 pm Why I like roaches: Because when what you usually look at is substrate and hide spots, and you take a peek in just to check on the general welfare and see this, its all worth while. Growth and developement! This male had apparantly recently molted into an adult.... http://www.arachnoboards.com/ab/gallery/di...hp?imageid=3920 Enjoy! Matt K matt@modernmatt.com
  11. Posted by brian preachers on 8/14/2007, 6:52 pm, in reply to "Excess dubias to sell off" Hey man are these still available. Id be interested in getting 300 of them. If you have them please let me know. Thanks man. bpreachers@gmail.com
  12. Posted by Darren on 7/5/2006, 12:41 am, in reply to "Excess dubias to sell off" Contact me at service@lonestardragons.com. I'm interested in 1,000+.
  13. Posted by Kyle on 4/13/2006, 11:37 pm Seems like the going rate for 100 mixed size dubia is about 55 dollars, I'll sell 1000 mixed size for 300$. I'll ship anywhere in the us for free. I just cleaned out my bins and I have too many to feed out, so someone can start a huge colony for really cheap. there are already a few adult females molting in this group. I can sell them as one large group or in quantities of 100 for 35 dollars. nomad85@gmail.com
  14. Posted by Orin on 8/14/2007, 4:37 am, in reply to "Seperating/sifting" This board isn't shut down but conversations have moved over to the updated forum. The link is on the Allpet Roaches page. elytraandantenna@lycos.com
  15. Posted by Rookie on 8/9/2007, 6:45 pm Just for conversation, what are the best ways to seperate roaches from the bins when cleaning or moving (when you have substrate or not)? I try to sift them as I do my mealworms but that technique does not work with mealworms or roaches.
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