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  1. Posted by sean on 1/11/2007, 5:29 pm, in reply to "100 full blown adult hissers for trade" where are you i have blaptica dubia for trade aswell as eublaberus distanti i will trade one hisser for two of either of this species thanx froggy the_frog_kid@hotmail.com
  2. Posted by Andy Daugherty on 1/11/2007, 9:27 am I have 100 adult hissers extra,(my colony is going nuts)wanting to trade for another species of roach.send me an email of what you have to trade. thanks, Andy bluefrogtat2@insightbb.com
  3. Posted by sean on 1/11/2007, 5:27 pm, in reply to "Interested in purchasing colonies of unique cockroaches from breeders in Canada" haha i emailed you a bout a year and a bit back trying to give you surinames for free i am in toronto and if you email me we could talk on the phone thanx froggy the_frog_kid@hotmail.com
  4. Posted by Tim Cooey on 1/10/2007, 3:11 pm I am a Biologist at the Ontario Science Centre in Toronto, Ontario, and I am always interested in obtaining unique colonies of cockroach. It is very hard to deal with breeders in the US as they need to have the proper export permits in place. However, as the OSC is an approved facility I should have no problem with any breeders in Canada. If anyone has an unique species that they would like to sell please send me a list of the species and the prices. timc@osc.on.ca
  5. Posted by orin on 1/10/2007, 11:54 am, in reply to "Re: Oxyhaloa duesta photo?" Thanks!
  6. Posted by sean on 1/6/2007, 2:28 am, in reply to "Oxyhaloa duesta photo?" http://www.minizoo.donetsk.ua/Roaches.html there you go bud thanx froggy the_frog_kid@hotmail.com
  7. Posted by Orin on 1/2/2007, 9:01 pm Does anyone know where to find a photo of this species online?? Thankyou. elytraandantenna@lycos.com
  8. Posted by Orin on 1/10/2007, 11:47 am, in reply to "Re: MITES" The large mites that run around the hisser are harmless. You can get rid of them if you want by smashing them (it will take a little while to get them all). elytraandantenna@lycos.com
  9. Posted by starflyre on 1/8/2007, 1:48 am, in reply to "Re: MITES" I just got a pair of adult hissers and the male seems to have pinkish looking mites. I can see them very easily. Are these harmful? They are round a have spread to the female. They are on a vermiculite and potting soil substrate. I have only seen the on the animals not the glass or substrate. thanks for your input, starflyre@yahoo.com
  10. Posted by NewBlaberusRoachColonyOwner on 1/1/2007, 1:30 pm, in reply to "Re: MITES" Thanks Dave. Yes, I know about the mites being all over the world. They also exist on many outdoor plants. If you do not mind having mites in your home then by all means keep them. I do NOT wnat them any where in my home and I can live with out them thank you. Myself I do shower daily and I do not have any mites on my body what so ever but I have read that that 1 out of 6 people do in fact carry some type of infesting mite on their body. Most are in the hair on the body which have been called lice. Some are called crabs and scabies depending on the type of body area with the infestation. Fortunitely I have never had any in my life thus far and I do not need or want any in the present or in the future. I have completely removed my Blaberus colony and so it is now no longer an issue. I might look for a different tropical species of roach that does NOT climb glass and one that leaves behind the ootheca so I can attempt my idea of looking at each ootheca under powerfull magnification and then transfering it to a clean non mite infested cage. FORMERALY A NewBlaberusRoachColonyOwner
  11. Posted by Dave on 1/1/2007, 1:14 pm, in reply to "Re: MITES" Thats a sollution on the high end of the extreme scale, did you know that there are mites everywhere? They are on your body right now. It's a part of life. I have 32 species of roaches and hundreds of thousands of individuals for several years now and mites are not pests here. They may be present, but not a problem. I am not into reptiles much either ,but I have hundreds of Tarantulas and there is nothing that is going to make me go back to crickets, EVER! Have Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!
  12. Re: MITES LongShotOption Posted by NewBlaberusRoachColonyOwner on 1/1/2007, 11:06 am, in reply to "Re: MITES" The only other possibility that I can see would be to use the Blatta lateralis also known as the Turkistan roach or the red runner. Since they in fact drop their oothecas behind and the nymphs hatch from there a person could attempt and collect the oothecas and examine the egg cases with a hand held loop. I have several plastic loops from 10x up too 30x that I use for looking at fine areas on plants. Assuming that those nasty pinhead whitish mites do NOT burrow into the lateralis's oothecas then you could place many of them in an isolation egg hatching tank far far away from the main colony. I have heard they will not survive in dry and colder climates but I have seen them and they do move very very FAST---->>> They also do have an odd smelling odor of some type which is no where near as bad as the crickets smell but but they do have an odor and it is different than crickets odor. I can not say for sure how long escaped animals will live outside a controled enviroment. Living for over a year long is a benefit as long as they will in fact die if escaped. Does anybody know 100% for sure if the Blatta lateralis can live at tempuratures below 75F and moisture below 30% if they escaped in the home??? Just an idea FORMERLY A NewBlaberusRoachColonyOwner
  13. Posted by cj on 12/25/2006, 5:47 am, in reply to "MITES" these plants repell mites: Alder, coriander, dill, and garlic. i dont know if that helps and i wouldn't know how to use that around your pet, i just know those plants repell mites real good!! cjwirth3@yahoo.com
  14. Posted by Dave on 12/25/2006, 8:15 pm, in reply to "MITES" I had mites one time with my first collony of hissers, its simple, lower humidity. Sorry I can't give you a more complicated method. I also use vermiculite for substraite, it is non-organic, so it does not harbor pests unless plant or animal matter is mixed in with it and it is kept too moist. keep food in containers. Thats about it. I have to admit, it is a sort of balancing act between too little and too much humidity, but you will learn it. Good luck, Dave davegrimm1@gmail.com
  15. MITES Posted by NewBlaberusRoachColonyOwner on 10/11/2006, 11:11 pm MITES, How do you get rid of mites??? I am talking about the little brownish white ones that are smaller than a pinhead. I have heard many say use isopods to eat the scrap food, use predatory mites to eat the infesting mites, and even some have said eliminate all of the substrate. All of this may help bring their numbers down but none of them ELIMINATE the mites period. Some have claimed that they do not have them but if they look hard enough they will find them. So, does anybody hav any FACTUAL METHODS that will KILL ALL OF THE MITES without harming the roaches? Thanks, NewBlaberusRoachColonyOwner
  16. Posted by Matteo on 1/5/2007, 9:42 am, in reply to "Re: Want to buy Macropanesthia rhinoceros" i'm intereted , have you got more? how is the cost? Matteo Matteo.micio83@libero.it
  17. Posted by shu on 2/28/2006, 8:36 am, in reply to "Want to buy Macropanesthia rhinoceros" HI, saw your ad interested in Macropanesthia rhinoceros. I breed them and i have a good quantity ready for sale now. are you still in need of them? give me a call. 00237-776-9798. THANKS SHU shuabed@yahoo.com
  18. Posted by Bob on 2/21/2006, 12:26 pm, in reply to "Want to buy Macropanesthia rhinoceros" Contact James at Blaberus.com I bought 4! Bob bobjohnson@freightliner.com
  19. Posted by Eric on 2/16/2006, 2:02 pm Please contact me if you have. plla7878@yahoo.com.tw
  20. Posted by keith on 12/30/2006, 2:24 pm, in reply to "Pseudomops" pseudomops septentrionalis ? if this is what you have where are you at and how much is shiping to zip 76058 ufovalk@yahoo.com
  21. Posted by francisco on 12/20/2006, 3:15 am, in reply to "Pseudomops" HEllo, How do you keep your P septentrionalis? Cage? substrate? food? temp? humidity? Any discount if you buy by the dozen??? Thanks FT fjtorresvw@hotmail.com
  22. Posted by blattid on 12/17/2006, 7:59 am The most beautiful North American cockraoch, Pseudomops septentrionalis $5 per Also, domino L5s $9 Patchwork or Pink $5 CR Zebra $6
  23. Posted by Miriam Moyer on 12/31/2006, 4:39 pm, in reply to "Fs: Feeder packs of all your favorite " I'm a licensed rehabber of wild birds. I'm interested in a reliable source of live isopods to feed some species of birds. miriammoyer@comcast.net
  24. Posted by Double D's on 8/3/2006, 5:30 pm Now we have made it easier to get all your favorites in one group. Feeder groups of your favorite together at last. Non Climbing roach pack# 1 100 Med B. Dubia roaches $35 100 Laterallis Roaches $10 25 count Distanti $20 25 count Fusca $20 10 pack egg crates $6 1/2 Lb of Food $5 Climbing Roach Pack # 1 100 count Lobsters $10 100 count Nivea $25 100 count Surinam $20 10 pack egg crates $6 1/2 Lb food $5 2 0z of Bug Barrier $4 Exotic Feeder Pack # 1 Dwarf White Isopods $25 King Mealworms 500 count $12 Tropical Firebrats Starter Culture $8 Beetle Jelly Regular flavors $7.50 House Flies 50 count $3 Exotic Feeder Pack # 2 White Isopods $25 King Mealworms 1000 count $20 Tropical Firebrats Breeder Culture $20 High Protein Beetle Jelly 6 count $10 100 count B. Dubia Medium $35 100 count house flies $6 Check out all the great savings and unique items available no where else but here at San Diegos choice for Exotic Feeders and Unique Pets. Sincerely Dexter D Double D's http://www.doubleds.org Link: http://www.doubleds.org
  25. Posted by Samuel on 12/30/2006, 9:28 pm, in reply to "Dubias-discoids-hissers wanted." Hi, I have 130-140 mixed sized/type hissers (black, tiger, normal)None are adults but some are getting close. They are mixed sized from small to the size of the last joint of your thumb. Let me know if your interested by emailing me. Thanks, ~Samuel Bear_foot_inc@yahoo.com
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