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  1. Posted by Chris Wingo on 12/30/2006, 7:36 pm Wanted. Dubias. discoids. Hisser females for breeding. Good price. Will buy bulk. Thank you. Email me at relicboyaz@gmail.com
  2. Posted by Samuel on 12/30/2006, 9:25 pm, in reply to "Re: Lobster and hissing roaches" Hi, No i cant do that sorry. i could do $40 plus shipping. Email me if you want them Bear_foot_inc@yahoo.com ~Samuel
  3. Posted by Robert kenny on 12/4/2006, 10:43 am, in reply to "Lobster and hissing roaches" Hi, would you accept $35 for the 500 lobsters, prepaid priority mail with heat pack? Its cold here in Colorado and heat is needed now. thanks, bob and kenny. rhpt@skywerx.com
  4. Posted by Samuel on 11/22/2006, 12:02 pm I have about 500 mixed sized lobster roaches for sale. $10 each hundred or make me an offer for the whole lot. Plus shipping And i have 250 mixed sized hissers from smallish nymphs to breeding adults. NO NEWBORN NYMPHS. $75 OBO plus shipping. I would also be willing to trade these guys for dubia or discoids. Or for anything really. Send me an email with what you got. ~Samuel bear_foot_inc@yahoo.com
  5. Posted by keith on 12/30/2006, 2:16 pm, in reply to "White Roaches?" i think they are just a albino of the common german cockroach have seen a few mixed in with the reg. ones
  6. Posted by cj on 12/25/2006, 5:41 am We have all white roaches taking up residency in our house. now i don't know much about roaches other than i can't kill them because i find them to be quite cute ( and i truly believe that roaches are psychic) anyway i was just wondering what the white ones were. and also there are the other ones here that look like crickets/roaches...i call them croaches. the lady that lives upstairs has a tree frog..she feeds it crickets and roaches and i think they interbread ( i know interbreading between species is possible, infact my grandma had a cat that bread with a dog and had babies..they didn't live very long at all, only a few days but they looked beyond this world!) anyways i just wanted to know what made the roaches white. cjwirth3@yahoo.com
  7. Posted by Jörg on 12/25/2006, 8:29 am i come from germany and i'm looking for follow species:Archimandrita marmorata,Dorylea orini,Deropeltis erythrocefala,Eyricotis decipiens,Elliptorhina laevigata,Eyricotis taurus and Panesthia-,Rhabdobatta- and Ellipsidion-kinds.who can i help me? fair prices,please joerg242insect@t-online.de
  8. Posted by C.Dubeau on 12/25/2006, 1:32 am does anybody have roaches for sale in Canada? preferably blaptica dubias or blata lateralis. the_dubeau@hotmail.com
  9. Posted by Dave Grimm on 12/22/2006, 11:29 am, in reply to "Peppered or madagascar hissing roaches wanted" I have both, E mail me and we can figure out what you need, thanks, Dave Merry Christmas!!!!!!! davegrimm1@gmail.com
  10. Posted by Bugger on 12/21/2006, 11:14 pm I would like to purchase a cockroach. It will have a good home and I live in CA so it will enjoy the warm weather. Please mail me with your price . iluvevilmuffins@hotmail.com
  11. Posted by Kirralee on 12/21/2006, 4:05 am, in reply to "Looking for Austrailian Litterbugs (giant burrowing cockroaches)" go to www.insectfarm.com.au its the australian insect farm but they ship to everywhere and their prices are pretty good kirralee-thatsarthouse-@hotmail.com
  12. Posted by Patrick on 6/30/2006, 3:05 pm I have been searching the internet for breeders but can't find any, I live in the US and would really enjoy having one two. I'm an aspiring entomologist and I prefer live insects to dead ones, if anyone can help me, please do. uchuubushi@gmail.com
  13. Posted by Corey Dubeau on 12/16/2006, 3:22 pm, in reply to "Canadian lateralis and dubia" do you ship to ontario? if so I might want some Blaptica Dubias. the_dubeau@hotmail.com
  14. Posted by Jean Gregoire on 9/27/2006, 6:11 pm, in reply to "Canadian lateralis and dubia" Hello, I would like to buy some lateralis to start a colony as feeders for the mantids I breed. do you have paypal? Thanks, JeAn. thrawny@sympatico.ca
  15. Posted by Brett on 8/26/2006, 10:16 pm, in reply to "Canadian lateralis and dubia" If your still selling Blatta Lateralis can you email me. Thanks brettski666@gmail.com
  16. Posted by Dom on 6/12/2006, 8:38 pm Mixed medium and large lateralis $40 for 200. Small dubia $40 for 100. Shipping extra. rbugsboys@hotmail.com
  17. Posted by Corey Dubeau on 12/16/2006, 3:20 pm, in reply to "Re: Sale of Roaches in Canada" Can you tell me when you have Blaptica Dubias for sale (I live in Ontario and need them to start a colony) the_dubeau@hotmail.com
  18. Posted by cricketmaster on 10/2/2006, 3:42 pm, in reply to "Re: Sale of Roaches in Canada" Thank you Jinx , Ive been told some parts of Canada prohibit them because of ignorance to the needs and enviroment required ,, "tropical" , lol , but laws are laws . Link: http://www.cricketmaster.biz
  19. Posted by Jinx on 10/2/2006, 7:47 am, in reply to "Sale of Roaches in Canada" I'm not sure about the laws. I've looked all over myself but can't find anything on it, many people have told me it's illigal, but this place seems to be a reputable company, they are in St. Carherines Ontario and they sell cockroaches, they look like a company that wouldn't sell things if they were illigal. Don't know if thats any help to you. http://boreal.com/category.asp_Q_c_E_541273 H_A_T_E@myself.com
  20. Posted by cricketmaster on 10/1/2006, 10:04 pm Hello , I recently started collecting a few species of roaches to use as feeders for my collection of reptiles.Upon more research and observing these amazing creatures Ive found that they would be a great feeder insect to sell commercially. Question I have is the legal aspect of wholesale/resale of roaches in Ontario and Canada, anyone up on this or know where to get the answers, thanks. Link: http://www.cricketmaster.net cricketmaster@mDirect.net
  21. Posted by Josh Topp on 12/11/2006, 12:12 am Hi, i have a bunch of these, shipping only in the US, I prefer check, or money order, but i can also take paypal. PM or Email @ vonfischer713@aol.com -Platemeris Mombo Assassin Bugs L2-L3 $5(1-5), $4(6-10), $3(11+) *Several individuals show the rarer lighter color morph of this species. -Gyna lurida Porcelain Roach(Mixed sized nymphs-many large ones) (1-50)-$1.25ea *Very Prolific species, breeeds even under (51-100)-$1.00ea poor living conditions. Shipping: USPS 2-3day $5 Overnight $15 -60 Hr Heat Packs- $2 Thanks--Josh
  22. Posted by Tarantula on 12/10/2006, 4:14 am Need to change my feeder animals from crickets to roaches for my tarantulas. Anyone interested please email me. PS. I am in South Africa, so someone experienced in sending overseas orders would be benefitial. Regards, Tarantula spinnekop04@hotmail.com
  23. Posted by Dave Grimm on 12/9/2006, 4:47 pm I have some pepered roaches priced at $50 per dozen for medium size, and that is shipped! Shipping includes usps priority and 72 hour heat pack . Live delivery and satisfaction garanteed! Email with any questions you might have. davegrimm1@gmail.com
  24. Posted by francisco on 12/9/2006, 3:01 am HEllo, I am looking to for some nymphs of the following: Trichoblatta sp. Trichoblatta pygmaea. Panesthia angustipennis spadica. Panesthia angustipennis yayeyamensis. Salganea taiwanensis taiwanensis. Salganea esakii. Thanks in advance FT fjtorresvw@hotmail.com
  25. Posted by Digby Rigby on 12/4/2006, 8:06 pm, in reply to "Re: Cockroaches for sale domino and hissers are sold" Thanks, others still available as well as other roaches and animals. DigbyRigby@exoticfeeders.com
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