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  1. Posted by Digby Rigby on 11/30/2006, 2:23 pm, in reply to "Cockroaches for sale" The Domino and hisser roaches are sold! Luis you do not include a phone number and address thus no response DigbyRigby@exoticfeeders.com
  2. Posted by Digby Rigby on 11/28/2006, 1:43 pm The following species are for sale: 2,500 Blaptica dubia 1,500 Eublaberus posticus 75 grandjeani domino roaches 1,000 hisser nymphs 120 lot of pygmy isopods 120 lot of dwarf white isopods FOR FURTHER INFORMATION YOU MUST RESPOND VIA EMAIL WITH YOUR NAME, PHONE NUMBER, CELL PHONE NUMBER, ADDRESS, AS WELL AS A GOOD TIME TO CALL. ALL RESPONSES NOT PROVIDING ALL REQUIRED INFO WILL BE IGNORED AND DELETED. My feeders are cooler than your pets! DigbyRigby@exoticfeeders.com
  3. Posted by sean on 11/29/2006, 8:49 pm, in reply to "Re: Henschoutedenia keeping" i know 90 is not needed that is just a example try 80-85 thanx froggy
  4. Posted by Andreas on 11/29/2006, 3:22 pm, in reply to "Re: Henschoutedenia keeping" Yes, I think I would benefit from incresing temperature somewhat. However, I don't think a temperature as high as 90F will be needed in this case. Furthermore, not _all_ species will need high temperatures to reproduce successfully (cf. spp. from temperate latitudes). Cheers, Andreas
  5. Posted by sean on 11/29/2006, 2:44 pm, in reply to "Henschoutedenia keeping" higher temps are needed for all roaches i have had 13,000 lateralis born at 90F in 6 months but from almost double the amount of adults at 75F less than 1000 thanx froggy the_frog_kid@hotmail.com
  6. Posted by Andreas on 11/28/2006, 6:05 pm Hi guys, How do you keep your Henschoutedenia flexivittata? I keep main fairly dry at about 74F. Reproduction is not satisfying though. Tried increasing humidity, but that didn't work too good either! Any hints? Cheers, Andreas nord.015@student.lu.se
  7. Posted by james - blaberus on 11/27/2006, 2:28 am Looking to buy or trade for your excess hissing roaches. Please call or email me. Thx, James james.blaberus@gmail.com www.blaberus.com 707-206-1753
  8. Posted by j. starr on 11/26/2006, 7:50 am, in reply to "getting loose" Hello. It usually depends upon the genus and species of roach that you have chosen and also your current living enviroment. I have raised 7 different species and I am now down to only two species. The one that I would consider as the best for feeder production would be the Blaberus_parabolicus. It breeds just as fast as the Blaberus_discoidalis, it is by far MORE chunkier than the discoidalis which of course means more flesh for the reptile or amphibian, it can NOT climb glass or other simular very smooth surfaces, and it does not survive very long outside of a humidity and tempurature controlled enviroment. My personal living enviroment is in the 30% area for moisture unless it is raining and the house temps are around 70F. I have had several nymphs and adults escape over the past year only to find every one of them near death or dead. I now have around 2,500 of them in a colony to feed three dragons and some tree frogs and this still allows me to continue the colonies overall growth. NOTE: I started with 150 nymphs and it took over a year to get them to this point. I am now seeing many new adults show up so my parabolicus colony will probably really start to grow even larger very soon. Everybody has their own favorite for their own reasons. Research it to death before you make a final decision. I have a link below with details on how I am set up. While I am still adding to it I hope that you or anybody else will find this information of a benefit. js Link: http://www.angelfire.com/planet/roach
  9. Posted by rick on 11/21/2006, 1:34 pm, in reply to "Re: getting loose" Keep them in a plastic contatin. I bought mine at Walmart. Climbing roaches can easily climb glass due to small fibers on the glass surface. None climbers cannot climb plastic. If you get climbers buy Bugstop and re-apply every couple months. Rick THEERUIZFAMILY@YAHOO.COM
  10. Posted by Doug Gosnell on 11/13/2006, 8:06 pm, in reply to "getting loose" I have no flyers or climbers so they have a real REAL hard time with smooth surfaces. I am not saying that they can not, sometimes they seem to catch an edge or if the container is dirty or very moist . I have noticed that they will seemingly be outside the container in the AM before daybreak, the same container that they came from. I am not sure if this is a scent thing or not but do know that they are not hanging out at another species container. I just pick them up and put them back in. Non climber/flyers would have issues getting water I imagine so I am not concerned with them breeding. I am more concerned with them getting into someone elses apt and causing me grief. doug_gosnell@yahoo.com
  11. Posted by Mike on 11/10/2006, 1:20 pm I'm new to this. I'd like to keep cockroaches to feed my tarantula's. I'm concerned about the roaches getting out of a container. How do you keep them so they can't get loose? Especially babies. faroutgroovyguy@yahoo.com
  12. Posted by rick on 11/21/2006, 1:40 pm, in reply to "Re: turks" lobsters yes.....heat /food / water and will breed fast THEERUIZFAMILY@YAHOO.COM
  13. Posted by glen on 9/29/2006, 10:07 am, in reply to "turks" I kept dubia with very low humitity and they bred great. I live in the desert. I think lobsters will breed like crazy under most any conditions, food water and a little heat and theyll go crazy. Turk? aquanut@cableone.net
  14. Posted by cxasper on 9/28/2006, 10:06 pm i was wondering what would be the best humidity level for the Turk, lobster,and dobia. I have all three and want to get the best level for all three. hogchokers@aol.com
  15. Posted by Doug Gosnell on 11/16/2006, 9:09 pm, in reply to "Dwarf Cave roaches 4 sale" WOW!!! Sold already
  16. Posted by Doug Gosnell on 11/16/2006, 8:56 pm I have a colony of what I thought were giant cave roaches only to find out that they are dwarf cave instead. Don't let the name fool you, these are big guy, just as long as my peppereds, just skinnier. I started with a dozen about 18 months ago and wanted some genetic diversity and that is how I found out what I had was not what I thought. I want to move all I have out and reduce the number of species I have to 3. I have several hundred most being nymphs and they breed quickly. I would like for someone to take them all so I do not have to split up shipping, I am lazy I guess. I will take trades for *real* giant cave roaches B. Giganteous, Peppereds, or preferably A. Marmarosa. Thanks dogbert4pres@yahoo.com
  17. Posted by Opha on 11/14/2006, 12:15 am hello i was wondering what you guys think of this setup. I basicly have the same setup for 5 different colonies of roaches. It is simply a large 3 gallon container with a removable lid. A hole is cut into the lid and mesh is replaced. The bottom is filled with about 3 inchs of rabit pellet and a handful of high protein rodent pellets are added. egg crates are standing vertical and some veggies are added every few weeks to each tub. We have hissers, discoids, lobsters and latteralis all on this set up. We do not add water or water gels at all and the lab is very dry, often drying up other enclosures. Should this set up work fairly well with each of these species and is there anything i should look out for? Ophak@bgnet.bgsu.edu
  18. Posted by Doug Gosnell on 11/13/2006, 8:01 pm, in reply to "Roaches for sale" Sorry but all roaches have been traded. Thanks for the interest.
  19. Posted by Doug Gosnell on 11/4/2006, 5:34 am, in reply to "Roaches for sale" They all have been sold.
  20. Posted by sean on 10/28/2006, 12:09 am, in reply to "Roaches for sale" hey i am very interested would shipping to ohio or buffalo work for you i will take both the eublaberus thanx froggy the_frog_kid@hotmail.com
  21. Posted by Marina on 10/24/2006, 12:30 pm, in reply to "Roaches for sale" Want to buy roaches. We need to dicuss. My phone (416) 420 7351 or (416) 239 6664 Please contact me. mb147@rogers.com
  22. Posted by Doug Gosnell on 10/19/2006, 2:40 pm I am moving and need to purge myself of the "feeder" roaches I have. The following is a list of roaches and quanties I need to move. I am not trying to make money, just rid myself of the species not moving with me. Orange heads - I have several hundred Orange spots - too many to count, lets say 5000 to start 6 spots - several hundred I need to move these out quickly, especially the orange spots as they are taking over everything. Any (un)reasonable offer accepted provided you pay for overnight shipping. I will provide heating pads, but it get cold here at night now . Can deliver in quanity to the DC/Md/NoVA area as well. Thanks dogbert4pres@yahoo.com
  23. Posted by Russell Breckwoldt, DVM on 11/10/2006, 9:26 pm, in reply to "Dwarf vs giant cave roaches" Dwarf cave roaches have a black band across the midsection as adults, which I believe is not present on the giant cave roaches. I personally have/raise the dwarf caves, and can verify the band. I could send a picture if that would help any. Regards, Russell Russell@carolinarodents.com
  24. Posted by Doug Gosnell on 11/8/2006, 8:17 pm I had what I thought was a bunch of giant cave roaches that I recieved from someone on this board. I also got another set from another source and these new ones are at least 0.5 inches longer as adults and about the same as nymphs. The size difference is noticable and the larger ones are a bit whiter than the smaller ones. What is a sure fire way to tell the difference? doug_gosnell@yahoo.com
  25. Posted by rick on 11/7/2006, 8:51 pm, in reply to "Macropanesthia rhinoceros aka Rhino Roach" Do u still have them? Rick Work 11163 Gay Rd. Wilton, Ca 95693 (916) 687-7677 workit@elkgrove.net Thanks
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