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  1. Posted by Digby Rigby on 9/26/2006, 6:24 pm A 5 lot 1+ year old nymphs available. Selling all 5 as a group. These captive bred beauties are available now. For further info YOU MUST INCLUDE YOUR NAME, PHONE NUMBER, CELLULAR PHONE, EMAIL ADDRESS, and PHYSICAL ADDRESS TO RECEIVE A RESPONSE. FAILURE TO INCLUDE THIS INFORMATION WILL RESULT IN NON RESPONSE AND DELETION OF YOUR EMAIL. DigbyRigby@exoticfeeders.com
  2. Posted by Elytra and Antenna on 11/5/2006, 8:37 pm Please check it out! Link: Elytra and Antenna http://www.elytraandantenna.com
  3. Posted by John Butler on 10/31/2006, 11:23 pm, in reply to "Macropanesthia rhinoceros" Do you still have your M. rhinoceros available? If so, how many do you have and what are you asking for them? Thanks, John Butler 405-341-2263 888-341-2263 john@acmetees.com
  4. Posted by Ninnghizzida on 10/23/2006, 7:36 pm I have to get rid of my roaches. I will miss my darlings but I need the money. Please e-mail me if interested. tacvbo_1999@yahoo.com
  5. Posted by roachmaster on 10/29/2006, 3:25 am, in reply to "Nutritional Information" Yours is a fair question except that an answer would be useless without an equally detailed analysis of what the exact requirements of the predator are. What are the % fat, protein, vitamin requirements, fiber, etc. for a bearded? That being said, numerous long time breeders swear by live bearing roaches (blaberids) for health, growth and breeding of various insectivores. The proof is in the pudding.
  6. Posted by Dadx2mj on 10/28/2006, 10:17 am Hell all I have been feeding my bearded dragons on lobster roaches for some time now and have been recommending others do as well. I am wondering if anyone has any factual data as to their nutritional value. Things such as Ca ratio % of fat, protein, etc. Thanks in advance dadx2mj@gamail.com
  7. Posted by j starr on 10/28/2006, 1:18 am, in reply to "Please sign petition against cruelty against Madagascar cockroaches!" Mixed feelings and a can of worms on this one. First look at this in an inverted way. I believe that it is cruelty to the poor working class and more of an exploitation rather than a benefit. If you are very well off you really donot need to eat live insects for money or some other benefit. BTW, in gradeschool a friend of mine ate a cricket to show off and he nearly puked over the taste. He definitely spit out most of it. This sounds more like some rich 6 flags management team after some type of visual jollies rather than helping doing much for the consumer. Personally I think that they have been watching far to many reality shows. Definitely a stupid stunt to get you to come into the park. I would rather watch a large adult Argus monitor chase down a full grown hisser and chomp it a few times before swallowing it down instead of a person desperate to save time standing in line. johnstarr@demasoni.com
  8. Posted by steve quinn on 10/21/2006, 6:34 pm, in reply to "Re: Please sign petition against cruelty against Madagascar cockroaches!" it's a hissing roach there like less than 50 cents when bought in bulk? i doubt they are going through many anyway i can't imagine hundreds a people a day are going to eat them to get out of park admission. I hope they go through with it personally and don't let little peta girl like the one who started this dumb petition get there way. That being said this is one dumb promotion that someone should have axed before it got where it is.
  9. Posted by Doug Gosnell on 10/6/2006, 7:52 pm, in reply to "Re: Please sign petition against cruelty against Madagascar cockroaches!" Roaches... the other white meat. I am just wondering how the can afford the $$$ to buy these, it not like they are lobster roaches or even those critters running around in crack houses nationwide dogbert4pres@yahoo.com
  10. Posted by Steve Quinn on 9/30/2006, 4:05 pm, in reply to "Re: Please sign petition against cruelty against Madagascar cockroaches!" Liz, not sure if your aware of this or not but this isn't exactly Peta's home page. perhaps you should try there most of us keep roaches to feed other things and like the poster above said, don't really see a difference between lizards/humans eating them besides bugs are a wonderful source of protein Quinndragonranch@aol.com
  11. Posted by glen on 9/28/2006, 11:05 am, in reply to "Please sign petition against cruelty against Madagascar cockroaches!" although gross and weird, i agree with Jinx, although some of us keep roaches as pets most of us are feeding are roaches to something. aquanut@cableone.net
  12. Posted by Jinx on 9/27/2006, 6:39 am, in reply to "Please sign petition against cruelty against Madagascar cockroaches!" I don't really see the diference between a human or a lizard eating one. H_A_T_E@myself.com
  13. Please sign petition against cruelty against Madagascar cockroaches! (ADM: humans are insectivores) Posted by Liz Barranco on 9/26/2006, 5:22 pm Message modified by board administrator 10/29/2006, 10:09 am (Admin: the human digestive system is designed for insect consumption; consider a petition to mandate hisserburgers as a replacement to alleviate the pain and suffering of cows). On September 29, 12 Six Flags locations will begin a new promotion for their October halloween events. Guests that eat a live Madagascar hissing cockroach will be allowed to skip ride lines for the day. We demand that Six Flags cancel this barbaric promotion, and we will boycott the company unless they do so. The petition is here: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/373263332 Please help be signing. We are sending the petition in within the next 2 days. Thanks! StopSixFlagsCruelty@gmail.com
  14. Posted by Ben on 10/27/2006, 8:29 pm, in reply to "Blue Woodlice!!" I noticed this message is old. Any more for sale yet? thanks -Ben guinpen2@breakthru.com
  15. Posted by Jessica on 10/2/2006, 11:45 pm, in reply to "Re: Blue Woodlice!!" we are currently doing a genetics project for 3rd year at uni on woodlice, aka slatters, and have come across one blue one. how are u breeding for them? we are getting a few bright orange ones to nauti_by_nature@hotmail.com
  16. Posted by Jack on 3/22/2006, 5:22 am, in reply to "Re: Blue Woodlice!!" Hi, Do you have any pics of your blue woodlice? Does anyone have blue hissers? I saw an albino blue color lobsters on TV. Please let me know. Thank you Jack jackalope987@aol.com
  17. Posted by Greg on 3/13/2006, 5:40 pm, in reply to "Re: Blue Woodlice!!" Hi Paul, I don't think that the color is the result of the iridovirus as I selectively bred for it and didn't have any individuls showing the color until the f2 generation. So it seems a simple recessive phenotype. They are an electric blue like the blue crayfish and lobsters. I keep them in close proximity to my other isopods and haven't seen the color pop up in my other groups. In any case I'm down to my last 10 so get them quick! Thanks
  18. Posted by Paul on 3/13/2006, 2:14 am, in reply to "Blue Woodlice!!" Hey Greg. Are those the isopods infected w/the iridovirus? How long do they live for you? Also... would they infect my other cultures? peej009@aol.com Link: Planet Porcellio http://angelfire.com/planet/porcellio
  19. Posted by greg on 3/12/2006, 12:06 pm I'm happy to be the first to offer these great little feeders I'm only shipping out 1/2 to full grown animals so you'll know that you have the real deal. Limited quantities right now but I've got 1000's growing out.I currently have 10 lots available with more ready in August. Price is reasonable at $15 for 10 shipped. Sorry only US sales. I'll try to post some pictures as soon as I can borrow a camera. Thanks Greg B. greggreggregb@yahoo.com
  20. Posted by Bri. on 10/18/2006, 4:54 pm Hi guys. Any one out there keep these and have any available..or know of someone who does ? Drop me an e-mail please if you do, thanks. host@ebonydragon.com
  21. Posted by Bri. on 10/18/2006, 4:25 pm, in reply to "Macropanesthia rhinocerous" Hi. Can you ship to the UK aswell or are you located in the States ? I know a few people who might be interested. host@ebonydragon.com
  22. Posted by Tommy on 10/18/2006, 1:36 pm Hello, i can offer rhino roaches. They are 1 year now. Each one for 100$ Shipment to the states, no problem. They are captiv breed. djangel@mailforce.net
  23. Re: Macropanestia Rhinoscerous Posted by Fredrik on 10/12/2006, 12:30 pm, in reply to "Macropanestia Rhinoscerous " Macropanesthia rhinoceros haljeszoo@yahoo.se
  24. Posted by Double D's on 10/11/2006, 8:44 pm Thats rigth Australian litter bugs or more commonly known as Rhino roaches are back on the market for sale. In stock now, 1 year old specimens eating well on oak and eucalyptus leaves, asking price for these beauties is $200 shipped per roach. Check out all the great specimens and deals we have rigth now on our web site. Sincerely Dexter D Double D's Link: http://www.doubleds.org
  25. Posted by Michael on 10/11/2006, 5:21 pm For those of you who have roaches that have recently died, I need some! These will be going into several insect collections of mine and friends. The dead need to be in good physical shape if at all possible. I am looking for 4 males and 4 females of each species. Please email or respond if interested in bringing out your dead! Michael micnic5@aol.com
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