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  1. Posted by Pavel Borùvka on 7/23/2007, 4:06 pm

    Your ad:

    ,,,roaches/schaben/ Therea/Corydia/petiveriana 50 nymfae and some subadults, Polyphaga obscura /Turkmenistan/10x,Polyphaga sausserey/Uzbekistan-Nura Tao/15x,Polyphaga sp./Georgia-Ateni Siony/hairy30x,Polyphaga aegyptia/Sinai/50x,Gyna lurida/Kena/200x,Opistoplathia orientalis,Oxyhaloa deusta,Schulltesia lampidiformis,Lucihormetica verrucosa


  2. Posted by L. Mar on 7/21/2007, 10:50 am

    Hi all, I'm looking to start a colony of orange spotted roaches for my beardies. If you are in canada and willing to send me some (or pick up in southwestern ontario) please email me with details. or if anyone knows how to order from U.S. with no problems let me know.



  3. Posted by JC on 7/18/2007, 10:56 pm, in reply to "Re: Roach Escapes"

    I have a solid lid on them. I don't think I have had any escape since I put that on but I could be wrong, but I haven't seen any. I don't remove any food. They eat it all and I haven't cleaned out the bin yet. I just received them a couple of weeks ago. My hissers need to be cleaned out though.

  4. Posted by Rookie on 7/18/2007, 7:43 pm, in reply to "Re: Roach Escapes"

    That is scary. Do you have any other holes or "screen" that they could get to - ex: air holes etc...

    The only other explanation could be that you are accidently removing them. Do you change water/food dishes often? Clean out the bin completly transfering all the roaches? I know I have almost done that a few times. Those little ones hide everywhere.

  5. Posted by JC on 7/17/2007, 10:39 pm, in reply to "Re: Roach Escapes"

    I'm not sure how tall mine is. I've seen them try getting up the bug barrier but none make it when I'm watching. I put the lid on the container and it's helped but still escaping. I didn't put barrier up to the top edge so I think they're flying up to that part and then climbing out. Maybe. All the lobsters have been males, on the lateralis though there were some juvies out.

  6. Posted by Rookie on 7/16/2007, 6:36 pm, in reply to "Re: Roach Escapes"

    I have hissers, spotted orange and lobsters - I have not had any problems with my barriers. I have only been in about 4 months now but one tote has vasoline and olive oil. The others has bug barrier and I haven't even seen the roaches up over the crates.

    Lobsters scare me though. I hear too much about them. But I still have not seen them up near the top. I have plastic totes (18 inches tall).

  7. Posted by JC on 7/12/2007, 10:37 pm, in reply to "Re: Roach Escapes"

    That's what's happening. I put a lid on it and still found some out in the big box. I also see babies running around in the bottom of the big box.I guess by winter my woods will be infested with discoids, lateralis, and lobster roaches.

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  8. Posted by JC on 7/11/2007, 8:28 am

    Ok, I told yall about my lateralis escapes. Yesterday I opened up my big box and found some lobster roaches up around the top lid, inside my lateralis and discoid boxes. So how well do lobster roaches fly? I had no lid on it but a wide band of bug barrier. On the lateralis tote I'd had vasoline and the lobsters couldn't climb out of it. I'm trying to decide if the bug barrier is no good even though it stops the babies, or if they're flying out. My crates are no where near the top of the tote.



  9. Posted by Rookie on 7/18/2007, 7:46 pm, in reply to "Re: Run down from the sales part?"

    You are right, thanks.

    I was just thinking about it as a "throw my money away" hobby. I lose at gambling so I will think about this.

    I also have all the mealworms, waxworms, kingworms, earthworms and manure worms. All for my fish. But this spring I built a new and improve wood 'incubator' and all the things are growing rapidly.

    I enjoy watching my fish destoy the roaches and worms though.

  10. Posted by Matt K on 7/17/2007, 11:15 am, in reply to "Run down from the sales part?"

    Selling roaches seems to be very much a break even business at best and usually just a way to slow the loss of cash. Most sellers only do it to help support thier own hobby interests... and is alot easier if you have a well-paying day job!

    That being said, you should Google each person/business you find selling roaches and see where they post and what they sell. That should give you what you need to figure it out....after all it is a fun way to throw money into the wind.

    First hurdle: You have to convince 10's of 1000's of cricket buyers that roaches are not any more "icky" and "gross" than the crix already are. Figure that out and then worry about what types of roach to sell....

    I personally love keeping roaches. But there are several people I know who wont come to my house because they know I have them and are 'freaked out' by them.... perception is everything.

    Just 2 cents worth.


  11. Posted by Rookie on 7/16/2007, 7:30 pm

    If i were to try and sell roaches, what are the most popular and easiest to sell, most interest?

    I know I would have to find out my population base (ie - food for fish, amphibians, bird food, pets,) but I want to get a general feeling about it.

    And if you have any ideas about selling roaches, or what you would want from a seller.

    Again, I am just thinking about it because I see so much of it as a hobby. And my counts are already getting up there. Thanks.

  12. Posted by sean on 7/15/2007, 5:37 pm

    most are for trade only

    > > > Periplaneta americana

    > > > Periplaneta australiasia

    > > > Periplaneta brunnea

    > > > Blatta orientalis

    > > > Blaptica dubia

    > > > Shelfordella tartara

    > > > Panchlora sp.

    > > > Neostylopyga rhombifolia

    > > > Gromphadorhina portentosa

    > > > Pycnocelus surinamensis

    > > > true brazillian Blaberus giganteus

    > > > black wing craniifer (cought in mexico a few years back)

    > > > Blaberus discoidalles

    > > > Blaberus parabolicus

    > > > Archimandrita tesselatta

    > > > Archimandrita sp. - one pair left

    looking for almost anything

    thanx froggy


  13. Posted by Andreas Nord on 7/12/2007, 3:54 am


    I'm interested in acquiring new species to my collection. At the moment, the following is available (n.b. I will not sell any roaches, trades only).

    Blaberus fusca

    Byrsotria fumigata

    Byrsotria rothi

    Deropeltis paulinoi

    Diploptera punctata

    Drymaplaneta semivitta

    Ergaula capucina

    Gyna lurida

    Henschoutedenia flexivittata

    Lucihormetica subcinta

    Opisthoplatia orientalis

    Contact either by email Andreas.Nord@zooekol.lu.se or phone +46704953262.



  14. Posted by Andy on 7/2/2007, 4:01 pm, in reply to "Re: Feeder Roach Analysis"

    agree dave.I have a pair of beardies that can prove how healthy they are as feeders.Nothing but adult hissers for a year and i have a clutch of 32 eggs to prove health.(third clutch this year)


  15. Posted by dave on 4/19/2007, 11:30 pm, in reply to "Re: Feeder Roach Analysis"

    Inverts leave the hard stuff in a pile in the corner of the enclosure. I rarely use them for feeders because I have such a wide choice or roaches to feed off, and tend to use whatever I have the most of. But they are just as good a feeder as any roach, The science proved it.

  16. Posted by sean on 4/19/2007, 10:30 pm, in reply to "Re: Feeder Roach Analysis"

    hissers are not good feeders

    they have good nutrition but the sell makes them hard to digest

    thats why i say hissers under a inch and a half are good food but the adults aren't

    thanx froggy


  17. Posted by Double D's on 4/18/2007, 1:36 am

    Have you ever wondered which is truel better to feed your animals, roaches or crickets?

    Well Double D's in conunction with Blaberus.com have the answer for you.

    We have just recieved the results of a proximate analysis we had conducted on the 5 most popular feeder items on the market toady and guess what we found out???

    Check out the results at the link below.

    Dexter D

    Double D's



    Link: http://doubleds.org/contactus.html

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