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  1. Posted by Tina on 7/9/2007, 12:02 pm

    I am trying to get viable offspring from my small (3 female, 1 male) roach colony. I have them in a 15 gallon aquqrium with a heating pad underneath and 2 (20W) red lights on top. No bottom substrate. Fed dry dog food and water in a sponge. I have had 2 litters of offspring but none were viable. These happened before I started heating them. I haven't had any for about a month. What could I be doing wrong? Any suggestions for helping them? Do I need to have more than just 4 roaches?


  2. Posted by orin on 6/30/2007, 8:50 am, in reply to "Re: Roachery...Better results"

    The best roaches to feed depends on what you're feeding them to. Turtles love hissers. A number of larger lizards like discoids. For certain inverts like mantids, centipedes and waterscorpions the firefly mimic roaches work best.

  3. Posted by Rookie on 6/25/2007, 5:03 pm, in reply to "Re: Roachery...Better results"


    In your opinion, what is the best roach to breed? and the best to feed?

    I have hissers, lobsters, and orange heads. In my opion -the hissers are meatiest, the orange heads are the most hardiest so far. I have not had the colonies long enough to witness breeding.

  4. Posted by Rookie on 6/21/2007, 8:01 pm

    Just started up seriously about 4 moths ago. I am in the midst of my second cycle and am wondering a few things from the veterans.

    Is keeping smaller numbers in smaller bins more effecient/better/easier to breed than just a big bucket with 100's in it?

    I have two buckets for each of my roaches (orange spotted, lobsters, hissers) and about 150 in each one. What would be better, to get smaller containers and seperate the mixes, or just let them go as is. My goals are to feed, but I am highly interested in the sales too. I built a 6'x4'x2'heating/incubating/roachery that keep the bins at a constant 80-90 degrees. I think in 2 or 3 more cycles I should have enough of each to get it going. Thanks for your input.

  5. Posted by JC on 6/30/2007, 4:54 am, in reply to "Re: Roach Infestation"

    Thanks. I'm thinking that I do not have an infestation from months ago, but rather roaches coming into the house from outside. I had ordered 4000 and within a few months I had a lot fewer roaches in my bin. I didn't have that many dead bodies either. Apparently I put the vasoline on too thin and they climbed out. I towed my boat 30 miles to work on at a mechanics shop and have found 2 lateralis inside it so far. The boat was up on a trailer and 25 feet or so from my roach bin, on the other side of the house. My woods are probably going to be infested with lateralis. I get scorpions in the house all the time so having roaches find their way in is possible.

    How cold would it have to get to kill off lateralis? And I wouldn't want to put poison around the house as I catch grasshoppers for my lizard. We own several acres and use no chemicals, or mow for that matter. The only clear area is the driveway to the front and back door. Everything else is woods and scrub around our house.

  6. Posted by Dave on 6/28/2007, 2:39 am, in reply to "Roach Infestation"

    I have talked to several people that have had that problem with lateralis. I had problems with ants coming in the house and bought some of that insect powder that you sprincle around the foundation, and anything that tries to cross that stuff is belly up in a few minutes. You might try some of that inside where kids and pets could not get to it. There is also sticky traps, same thing, anything crosses it, and they are done. good luck.


  7. Posted by JC on 6/28/2007, 2:15 am

    I had a colony of hissers and turkistan roaches in the house. Occasionally I'd find baby hissers and male lateralis loose in the house. They've been out of the house for about 5 months now and my dad has found two lateralis nymphs so far. I'm worried that I could possibly have colonies in the house. Any suggestions for measures to take? Thanks


  8. Posted by Allpet Roaches on 6/20/2007, 5:57 pm, in reply to "Re: Theory"

    Message modified by board administrator 6/20/2007, 6:25 pm

    'Previous roach raiser' your posts were deleted because they did not include a valid e-mail address as indicated at the top of the board. The tone and lack of facts brought them to our attention. We apologize to users for lack of congruity in the thread due to deleted posts.

  9. Posted by dave on 6/20/2007, 3:07 am, in reply to "Re: Theory"

    hey never again roach keeper, whether your facts are strait or not, we all know that you are in the catagory of ultra cleany and you don't want anything to do with roaches, well , we don't care. OK.

  10. Posted by Rookie on 6/19/2007, 4:16 pm, in reply to "Re: Theory"

    Quite frankly, this is getting ridiculous. “roaches never again” you need to just move on to the next subject. Obviously your warning holds no weight in this forum. Thanks for your insight but it is time to move on. Let everyone experience it for their own. You are not going to get anywhere with your argument and quite frankly it is ruining a perfectly good forum to discuss and chat the common objectives – to raise roaches. Not everyone’s experience is going to be the same. Too bad that you had a difficult time with roaches. But I have been raising roaches (not as long as some of you) and I have not had a problem with them at all. They surprise me sometimes when I haven’t seen them for two weeks or so and I see a bunch of tiny roaches, or the smaller roaches suddenly became fatter. They are happily devoured by my monster fishes (Oscars-16in, Shovelnose Cat – 22in, Jaguar Cichlid – 12, freshwater eel – 20+, and a giant pleco about 20 inch) they all murder the roaches and it is more amusing than you think to watch them. Please don’t ruin this forum because you hated your experience. If I get mites I will say you told me so, but until then please let me enjoy the other post.

  11. Re: Theory

    Posted by Matt K on 6/19/2007, 9:43 am, in reply to "Theory"

    Dude. It is incrediably obvious to everyone who reads this forum that you are not educated about the topic you are discussing and draw many of your own conclusions without learning something about this subject. If you are "Never a Roach Keeper Again", please refrain from typing pointless, misinformed comments on this board more than once. I prefer to learn from what roach people post here and not read about what issues you have to vent ad infinitum. We all understand you have some problem with mites.

    ** And Yes, you have mites on your person like it or not. They are measured in nanometers, burrow in your skin, scoot down into your hair follicles, and every other orafice you have to offer. Most healthy humans carry dozens of mites, bacteria, and virus....and almost nobody refers to them as "lice".

  12. Posted by Olivia on 6/18/2007, 2:38 am, in reply to "Re: Is this person for real?"

    Let me clarify something. Lice are a type of insect. They are NOT even closely related to mites, which are a type of arachnid. When you group grain mites, parasitic mites, and lice into the same category, you show a gross misunderstanding that the majority of organisms in this world are very tiny and very diverse.

    It sounds like you've had to deal with some serious grain mite outbreaks. I'm sorry to hear that. But the mites most likely did not come with your roaches. Those types of mites appear when grain products (including commercial cat/dog/roach foods) or carrion (including dead roaches or crickets) are exposed to humidity or damp substrate. Dormant mites are present both in the grain products and the substrate, so it's a matter of having the right conditions to trigger an outbreak. It can happen with or without roaches being present.

    I have an entire room full of roaches, nearly 70 species and something around 100 colonies in various types of set-ups. I can assure you that I don't have mites swarming my cages or shelves. I would probably go nuts if I did.

    As for you, you may be surprised to learn that you have mites living on your eyelashes, bedsheets, carpeting, and furniture. They're not lice, and they're not roach mites. But they are mites that will always be there. Just accept it.

  13. Posted by Matt K on 6/17/2007, 11:08 am, in reply to "Is this person for real?"

    Agreed. Same person with some kind of severe mite-phobia, and a misunderstanding of where they are and what they do on top of that. Would not want to be in his shoes...

  14. Posted by Matt K on 6/16/2007, 9:43 am, in reply to "Re: Roach mite issue:"

    You realize that there are many different species of mites that live around roaches, right? And I assume you also know that there are many that live with roaches that are harmless, too. While mites are seemingly omni-present, I currently have no problems with mites at all. There or not. If you are not keeping roaches, this may not be the forum for you.

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