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  1. Posted by orin on 6/15/2007, 5:04 am, in reply to "Re: Roach mite issue:"

    The mites are free living mites that are common everywhere. You can't prevent something that's already in your house but proper husbandry will prevent population explosions.

  2. Posted by Matt K on 6/2/2007, 12:41 am, in reply to "Re: Roach mite issue:"

    These pictured mites have been eliminated. It was due largely to a husbandry issue I believe. The E.distanti were moved to a different tub that had been treated on the outside with a tiny amount of Permethrin. Mites went away and roaches have not! The roaches appetite and activity level picked up considerably as well.

    Be very careful with Permethrin. Tiny amounts did not affect my roaches, but had losses of mites (good and bad) and isopods elsewhere in the same room....

  3. Posted by orin on 5/29/2007, 10:46 am, in reply to "Roach mite issue:"

    Those are a stage of the common grain mite that follows a population explosion. The overcrowding causes them to go into a phase where the exoskelteon thickens and they grow suction cups to stick to specific objects (primarily objects similar to large arthropod skeletons so that they might be carried off to somewhere else).


  4. Posted by Matt K on 5/20/2007, 10:53 am

    Can anyone identify what is going on with these Eublaberus distanti ??? They recently have developed mites that are 1/3 to 1/4 the size of the typical mite that invades old food items, and is only seen on the roaches themselves. I have been losing nymphs with some consistancy.


  5. Posted by Lindsay on 6/18/2007, 2:25 am


    10% off all lots

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    Each lot will include all sized nymphs with the larger lots (2,3,4, or 5 thousand lots) including a handful or two of adults as well. The more you buy the more adults I will include. I like to move them fast and in bulk, just so I am not running back and forth to the post office. Shipping is not included, unless specified otherwise (For example: Free shipping upgrade!), which means that the the initial priority cost is yours and on the marked lots I am willing to put the rest of the cost in to pay for overnight express. E-mail me with your zipcode and I can give you a total. I guarantee express but not 2-3 day priority, they are just too unreliable!

    This is the perfect opportunity to get an established feeder colony of the number 1 feeder roach for the lowest price available! Looks like only couple small lots, or 1 big lot left! Hurry while they last. If you have any questions or you are interesting in buying, e-mail me at:


    Thank you, Lindsay

  6. Posted by Matt K on 6/12/2007, 5:10 pm, in reply to "Re: alternative to vaseline for climbers"

    BugStop is (from what I understand) a 100% pure liquid Teflon. Its surface is not just super smooth like gloss paint, but discourages adhesion of anything to its surface. Hi-gloss paint is just slick, but things *can* still stick to it. Try it out with a Tokay gecko and see the difference. One is molecularly unfriendly towards other materials, and the other is just smooth.


  7. Posted by Steve Quinn on 6/11/2007, 8:05 pm

    Anyone ever use the paint? and do you like it better than vaseline. I am tired of scraping totes. What is the paint actually made from is it just straight high gloss enamel? Any other options out there if hear certain types of shiny metallic tape would work as well i tried it on my lobster colony and it failed miserably. Thanks for the input.


  8. Posted by RICK on 6/11/2007, 9:07 pm, in reply to "Re: LOBSTERS NOT BREEDING FAST ENOUGH"

    I have found it easy to place my bearded dragons in the container for several minutes and having them eat the roaches as they please. But, they seem to choose the adults more often than not. I might need to start seperating nymphs and adults and placing the lizards in a nymph container...I've been waiting on my blaberous for about a year..I might give up since they take a little bit longer to get going and just stick to lobsters.

  9. Posted by James blaberus on 6/11/2007, 7:11 pm, in reply to "Re: LOBSTERS NOT BREEDING FAST ENOUGH"

    You need to re-think you strategy. The only way to be successful with roaches is time. Lobsters do breed very fast for roaches, but if you feeding out all your larger ones to the dragon then your going to need thousands of them. I tell people you should buy roaches and plan to not touch the colony for the first 6-9 months and then you will have plenty of feeders. Lobsters, dubia, and discoids all make great feeders, just give them some time and you'll never need to buy for roaches, crickets, or worms again.




  10. Posted by RICK on 6/8/2007, 10:40 pm

    I have about 100 lobsters left mainly small nymphs....My 3 bearded dragons have been eating them up like crazy...Is there anyway to get them to adulthood and breeding quicker ? I have them in a rubbermaid container with a heatpad underneath so they stay plenty warm...I mainly feed them purina dog food and vegetables once twice a week for hydration...Any suggestion ?



  11. Posted by Matt K on 6/8/2007, 8:46 pm, in reply to "Re: V-Horn hissers:"

    I agree. People in the USA and in Europe seem to not have them anywhere, though there are 'rumors' that Blaberus.com or Double D's "have them coming soon", but that seems to be a standard dealer-talk for 'buy from me if I ever find any on this or any other planet'. My opinion is about to the point of thinking they are only now on some remote hilltop unknown to science somewhere in Madagascar, otherwise not in culture anywhere globally. Darn.

  12. Posted by Dean on 6/7/2007, 12:52 am

    I just got roaches and the pet shop owner said they were death heads but I am sure they are hybrids. Some have more of a face than others and some have brownish wings and others have really light wings. Does anyone know what might have been mixed with the craniifer? I was thinking either discoid or fusca but I'm not sure.


  13. Posted by Digby Rigby on 6/6/2007, 6:44 pm, in reply to "Domino and grandjeani for sale"

    The 100 lot of domino and the 50 lot of granjeani are sold. They were mixed from new nymphs to adults! You would get a quicker response by emailing in the future with a phone number that way we dont have to look it up if we arent at our computer.

    Digby Rigby balboa28279@mypacks.net

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