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  1. Posted by Daniel Lundblad on 5/4/2007, 11:01 am


    I have some surplus nymphs of Polyphaga obscura. This is a large species of Polyphaga from Turkmenistan. My colony only contains partenogenetic females. Im mostly interested in trades. Come with suggestions. I only have a small surplus so I can only trade with a few people.

    Regards, Daniel


  2. Posted by james.blaberus on 5/3/2007, 7:13 pm, in reply to "Roaches as Human Food"

    I know that fear factor had a few folks that where allergic to shell fish and had bad reactions to hissers when eaten. Many many others have eaten them without issues.



  3. Posted by Mike L. on 4/5/2007, 10:47 am

    I like experimental agriculture and am currently a redworm enthusiast but I would like to keep some roaches of various species. Pardon my "newbie" questions...Can any roaches of different species be kept in a community without predation? Are there any roach species which might be meaty and prolific enough (and non-allergenic to humans) which might be experimented with as human food? Also, does anyone have an all time "favorite" roach, and if so why? OH, I'm pushing it I know, but anybody every hybridize roach species? Thanks for the basic questions..Mike/NYC


  4. Posted by james.blaberus on 5/3/2007, 7:09 pm

    Taking pre-orders for:

    Panesthia australis

    Panesthia augustipennis

    Panesthia spadica

    Panesthia und.. red

    Prices range from $15-$20 based on size. Not looking for any money at this time just what you want so I know how many to get. Please send me an email if your interested.




  5. Posted by Jay on 9/8/2006, 2:08 pm, in reply to "Steve Irwin Died Today"

    I was sad to hear about it too. I once read a true story about a lady who kept cobras and handled them. She was a real expert on them. However, one time she didn't have her glasses on, one of the cobras bit her and she died. I suppose you really can't tell what will happen if you are dealing with deadly animals.

    I not only feel remorse for Steve Irwin but also for his family.


  6. Posted by sean on 9/6/2006, 3:52 pm, in reply to "Steve Irwin Died Today"

    He acuallt died on sunday here since it is in aus.

    Truly the end of a era

    He was a smart great man and in despite of the incedent with his child he was still a revolutionary in the field of herpetology and herpoculturing

    He was the one that made me decide to buy my first amphibian

    May he rest in piece

    Goodbye my friend.

    thanx froggy


  7. Posted by Debbie on 4/24/2007, 6:07 pm, in reply to "Re: troubles with oothecae"

    Hi Orin I was wondering if you have any of these available. Do you have any of these: Lurida,chopardi,harlequin,big black hissers, black and white hissers, fumigata or rothi please let me know if you have any of these and the prices for them.

    Thank You



  8. Posted by dave on 4/21/2007, 1:28 am, in reply to "Re: troubles with oothecae"

    I have had good luck with them hachting in thier own container ,ooth burried and moist, but not wet.If they get too wet, they will rot. Temp around 85 F. But I have had them hatch in the same container with parents.


  9. Posted by orin on 4/20/2007, 7:40 am, in reply to "troubles with oothecae"

    Just leave the oothecae in the dirt with the adults, if you remove the oothecae you're very likely to kill them. Don't let the substrate dry out and do not keep it overly wet. Also, remember Polyphagid eggs take 3-6 months to hatch.


  10. Posted by La Torre Ivan on 4/18/2007, 12:44 pm

    II have a little breeding of Polyphaga aegyptiaca, a species quite common in Sicily. I have collected oothecae in the field, larvae and adults which survive in plastic and glass cages eating dog food without problems. I try to put together males and females. I have obtained oothecae but they don’t give descents. Also the oothecae collected in the field didn’t give larvae.

    Someone can help me?

    What have I to do?


  11. Posted by Jeff on 4/10/2007, 7:44 pm

    I have some Gyna lurida nymphs to offer in trade. I am interested in Therea, Lucihormetica and Gromphadorhina grandidieri roaches. I pretty much interested in the above roaches only. To interest me in something else you would have to knock my socks off. Contact via e-mail please.


  12. Posted by dave on 4/23/2007, 10:04 pm, in reply to "Re: bug stop"

    Tigers should be about like portentosa, but the ones that are hard to keep in are the elliptorhina chopardi, they are very small and light when they are newborn and they are hard to stop.

  13. Posted by ed on 4/23/2007, 12:15 am, in reply to "Re: bug stop"

    well with the way i have it now, the strip of bug stop is about as thick as my hissers are long and i haven't had any issues with the normal hissers, but i was worried about the tiger hissers

  14. Posted by ed on 4/22/2007, 2:41 am

    i am ordering a few new climbing species (Neostylopyga rhombifolia,Panchlora nivea and Princisia vanwaerebecki in particular) and i was wondering if anyone knows about the efficacy of bug stop with these species. the woman i am buying them from uses vaseline, so she wasn't sure about bug stop for them, but i really like bug stop since it's dry and lasts so long and i already have a ton of containers painted with it lying around. anyway she told me that bug stop works for the popular feeders, but not necessarily for the more exotic ones. have any of you ever contained any of these species with bug stop?


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