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  1. Posted by Tanner on 2/28/2007, 4:22 pm this may seem like a really dumb question, but im gonna ask it anyway... Is there any system or any way to "mark" cockroaches so you can distinguish them from the rest of the colony? I was wondering for both research purposes, and just for the sake of giving them all names. i have a group of 6 hissers. Any info would be greatly appreciated!! tanner@uwm.edu
  2. Posted by David on 2/28/2007, 6:13 pm, in reply to "Re: Cockroaches for sale or exchange" Hi, i am interested in the hissing cockroaches that you have for sale. How much are they including P&P to the UK? thanks David Also, do you know where i can get some Lucorhimetica subcincta? davidsanderson3@hotmail.com
  3. Posted by sean on 11/27/2006, 10:22 pm, in reply to "Re: Cockroaches for sale or exchange" hey i have over 20 specie and i will trade for alot that you have on that list email me for spec. thanx froggy the_frog_kid@hotmail.com
  4. Posted by kami on 11/27/2006, 12:59 am, in reply to "Re: Cockroaches for sale or exchange" I am interested in your lobster roaches. What do you want for them? And I may consider the hissers. kll8254@hotmail.com
  5. Posted by Samuel on 11/22/2006, 12:04 pm, in reply to "Cockroaches for sale or exchange" Hi, Iv 250 hissers i'd trade for dubia or discoids. (i also have 500 lobsters to trade to) LMK ~Samuel bear_foot_inc@yahoo.com
  6. eublaberus prosticus Posted by jim on 11/11/2006, 2:39 pm, in reply to "Cockroaches for sale or exchange" Would like to purchase smaller amount of these to breed and feed to geckos. We were told they are easy to breed,dont climb glass and dont fly. is this true? please email back with response,amount available and cost and safety to ship.
  7. Posted by Bri. on 3/28/2006, 3:52 am, in reply to "Cockroaches for sale or exchange" Hi. Where are you located and how much do you charge including shipping ? You have a few on the site I'd be interested in such as the Brachynauphoeta brunneriana. host@ebonydragon.com Link: http://www.ebonydragon.com
  8. Posted by Jiri on 3/25/2006, 4:24 pm Blaberus boliviensis, Blaberus colosseus, Blaberus craniifer Black Wings form, Blaberus craniifer fusca form, Blaberus giganteus, Blaptica dubia, Blattidae sp. Sri Lanka, Byrsotria fumigata, Diploptera punctata, Elliptorhina chopardi, Ergaula capucina, Eublaberus distanti, Eublaberus posticus, Eurycotis floridana, Gromphadorhina portentosa, Gyna lurida, Henschoutedenia flexivittata, Nauphoeta cinerea, Neostylopyga rhombifolia, Opisthoplatia orientalis, Phoetalia pallia, Polyphaga aegyptiaca, Princisia vanwaerebeki black big form, Pycnoscelus surinamensis, Pycnoscelus femapterus, Pycnoscelus nigra, Rhyparobia maderae, Rhyparobia sp. ,,Goldi“, Schultesia lampiridiformis, Shelfordella tartara, Suppella longipalpa, COCKROACH FOTOGALLERI http://www.cockroaches.sf.cz ASSASSINS: Platymeris biguttata, Platymeris rhadamanthus, PHASMIDS Epidares nolimetangere, Haaniella dehaanii SNAIL Achatina iredalei gold jir.hromadka@atlas.cz Link: http://www.cockroaches.sf.cz
  9. Posted by Mike on 2/28/2007, 12:22 am I am looking for some roaches to place into a children's musuem that is getting started in Central Texas. I am looking for hissers and other large roaches that tend to not stress to easily when handled as they will also be used to take to class rooms. If you have any to sale please contact me at jamswafford@clearwire.net
  10. Posted by orin on 2/26/2007, 8:06 am, in reply to "Hissers" I'm not sure of your question but there are presently 3 species commonly kept. 1. G.portentosa - these come in a variety of colors and sizes and may be sold as G.picea or Princisia. They are extremely common. 2. G. grandidieri - these are usually banded in black and white and are less common. 3. E.chopardi - small species that's often straw colored but can look similar to some varieties of portentosa but the male's horn structure is very different. The only other species which was once available was E. "v-horn" but it seems to have disappeared from culture. elytraandantenna@lycos.com
  11. Posted by Stacy on 2/3/2007, 8:48 pm Hello, I'm intersted in the diff hissing roaches. I would like to learn more about them, but I'm not having much luck. Thank You stacyroe66@yahoo.com
  12. Posted by orin on 2/26/2007, 7:59 am, in reply to "overcrowded- How do you tell?" Blatta lateralis can survive in severely crowded situations. They don't seem to attack each other in high densities. Of course the number per square inch would directly depend on the level of development elytraandantenna@lycos.com
  13. Posted by Nick on 2/9/2007, 10:21 pm Does anyone know where I can get reliable information on acceptable population densities for B. lateralis? nholtr@aol.com
  14. Posted by kelyann on 2/14/2007, 4:06 pm MADAGASCAR HISSING ROACHES FOR SALE, LOCATION, TORONTO, CANADA...CONTACT KELLY EMAIL... luv4mycivic@hotmail.com
  15. Posted by kelyann on 2/14/2007, 3:44 pm, in reply to "Re: wanted" Hi, i'm in Toronto, Canada....I have approx 50 madagascar cockaroaches for sale, if interested, please email me...thanx!! luv4mycivic@hotmail.com
  16. Re: wanted Posted by darren on 5/7/2006, 9:11 am, in reply to "wanted" i have nclovis3000@yahoo.com
  17. Posted by Shu on 2/28/2006, 8:48 am, in reply to "wanted" HI, I am Dr Shu Abednego Che. I specialise in breeding Roaches. I have in my farm all of what you have listed that you want. My prices will be very reasonalbe seeing you want them in great quantities. My tel is 00237-776-9798. You can give me a call. I can ship to Canada. I can ship to Canada through Continental airline. i am waiting to read or hear from you. Thanks Shu shuabed@yahoo.com
  18. Posted by sean on 2/26/2006, 6:40 pm i am lookin for the two types of archimandrita i am really looking for perppards more but they must be able to be shipped to canada also the others i mentioned befor Gromphadorhina portentosa - Madagascar Hissing Cockroach (need a good size colonie goin soon (2000)) Gromphadorhina portentosa - Madagascar Hissing Cockroach (giant form) Eurycotis floridana - Florida Skunk Roach Nauphoeta cinerea - Lobster Roach Blattella germanica - German Roach Blattella asahinai - Asian Roach Supella longipalpa - Brownbanded Roach Blatta orientalis - Oriental Roach Periplaneta americana - American Roach (yes the ones that live in your appartment and i will pay for them !!!) Blaberus craniifer - Death Head Roach (all morphs) Blaberus parabloicus Eurycotis taurus - Taurus roach Panchlora nivea - Cuban green or Banana roach blaberus giganteus Blaberus atropus Blaberus colloseus Blaberus boliviensis Gromphadorhina grandidieri - tiger hisser Elliptorhina (vhorn hisser) Elliptorhina Chopardi Princisia vanwaerbecki (black and striped) Neostylopyga rhombifolia Phaetalia pallidus Rhypharobia maderae Corydia (therea) petriveriana blatta lateralis Polyphaga aegyptica Byrsotria Fumigata Byrsotria Rothi Hormetica Subcincta all morphs of procalin roaches African Bullet Roaches P. Femapterus B. Peruvian and any others jus try me! if not shipping to canada i can ship to buffalo but it hast to be a really good price because i haft to drive almost 2 hours to get there and it is a real pain the_frog_kid@hotmail.com 416-483-8868
  19. Posted by www.BLAPTICADUBIA.com on 2/12/2007, 6:44 pm YOU CLICK...WE SHIP! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ¤ Prices start at ONLY $7.00 for 25 small nymphs!!! We have tons of add-on options for your order from Adult Pairs, Egg Flats, Water Crystals, Mega Nutrient Protein Diet and much more!!. A better online blaptica dubia source you will not find!!! Blaptica Dubia, the best feeder roach by far and we have nice fat, healthy, juicy ones -- it's our specialty!!! MASSIVE 20% OVERCOUNTS on all orders!!! FREE and Discounted TCO Mega Nutrient Protein Diet and Water Crystals option available with your order. http://www.blapticadubia.com/blaptica_dubia/mixed_300.jpg VISIT STORE No Hassle Easy Online Ordering! Live Arrival Always Guaranteed!! We Accept:
  20. Posted by Joel Holloman on 2/9/2007, 11:24 pm I have about 70-80 Orangeheads, 25+ Hissers, and 20-25 Turkish roaches I need gone. I have nothing to feed them to so here they are. They are all nymphs except the turkish which are adults now. I would like to sell to one person to avoid shipping to different places. Make an offer on all and ad 6.00 for shipping. I live in Salinas, Ca. if you want to pick up.. Thanx, Joel jzyyakii@aol.com 831 776-5856
  21. Posted by Wade on 2/4/2007, 12:31 pm, in reply to "Re: cockroaches in Canada" I am located in Southern ontario. Email me at wschippr@hotmail.com.
  22. Posted by sean on 1/26/2007, 11:49 pm, in reply to "Re: cockroaches in Canada" hey jinx email me what you have ill probly take it all lol yet again and those "discoids" you brought me were hybrids and met their demise via a large spider haha thanx froggy the_frog_kid@hotmail.com
  23. Posted by Jinx on 1/26/2007, 7:22 pm, in reply to "cockroaches in Canada" Where abouts are you located? H_A_T_E@myself.com
  24. Posted by wade on 1/25/2007, 4:11 pm I was wondering if anyone that lives in Canada or ships to Canada could sell me some Cockroaches. I am looking for any new species I already have lobsters and Madagascar Hissers. Any new kinds I will be seriously interested in. wschippr@hotmail.com
  25. Posted by Curtis on 1/31/2007, 9:34 pm Help! I have been trying for months to find someplace to get hissing cockroaches... No luck... would anyone want to sell me a few? I'm in Edmonton AB, and I can't get anyone to ship them to me. E-mail me? curtis.laycraft@gmail.com
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