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    baby geckos

    Can you elaborate? What do you mean? Nice geckos, never really liked crested but that one is really nice looking makes me want to get one.
  2. Well she could be black with some orange now, I'll have to search the colony in a day or later tonight if I get some oranges for them. I figured she was getting done molting, but from what I could tell nothing changed in like 12+ hours from when put her in then checked on her again. Is it possible to have albino roaches? Do they have that possibility? for the gene like other animals? Thanks for the reply guys, If I find her and she's the same, maybe I should find a nice little container for her and have her on display. Get some little natural tank going with just 1 roach...
  3. I saw a dubia that was different from all of my dubia's. I thought that it was recently molted and was gaining it's dark color, this is when I grabbed the roach, dropped it and lost it into the thousands of her fellow roaches. I gave them carrots, and had the water crystals soaking up the water, I found her feeding on the chow, and put her into a small plastic animal keeper, then I placed a carrot, and toilet paper roll and left her over night inside of the container (my colony). I wanted to see if her color would change at all, and when I woke up she was the same color. I thought it was very
  4. I will be feeding them roaches. I look at my roaches as money, in many senses. Adults are ยข.20-25, females $1, also I spent over $800 on them and their set up. Along with daily/bi daily fruits, only a few bucks but still. So right now I can't afford too feed any of them. The more roaches I have, the larger my colony, the faster I can feed, and sell. IT'S HARD not just throwing a few males in my dragons tank to see them jump at them and chomp down. But I have the patients of angle or something like that. Beat up my brother once in my life.. My brother is red haired and younger, he is still a
  5. That was so cool to watch! Man... roaches are pretty amazing, I've been "researching" about them for few months and they're just so interesting. LOL your son? I'm assuming? made that video great.
  6. It was very cool to watch, and that's a great way to explain how a roach molts . I don't know how but I've fallen in love with roaches. My friends, girlfriend and brother call me lizrad/roach man... I was cleaning cricket crap with my hand earlier... (Now that is NASTY)... But I guess I'll do what I have to do to take care of my dragons. Can't wait to get more roaches!
  7. I was feeding my dubia colony some fruits and more chow, when I saw a dubia that looked extremely weird... It's body was much longer, I thought it was dying.. so I picked it up to see what was wrong. I inspected it and was like.. I think it's molting, so I put her down and watched and for the next 2 minutes I saw my first roach molt. It's a very weird process if I'll ever say. It's entire body was like weird? haha I dunno how to explain it. Anyway I just got excited and thought it was really cool too see it happen.
  8. I have a dubia colony that I just started this month. I'm looking to feed my bearded dragons, and then possibly have some small business? who knows how well this will work. I haven't had any mold problems to say, some oranges looking like they might have started. What do "isopods" do to help? I don't know if spring tails are isopods... What exactly do they do...?
  9. I have a 11x29 inch heating pad that can cover the bottom of the container fully in length. I put it diagonally so that it cover about 70% of the container, good chunk of it has no pad directly under it. It gets to 100 degree's on the bottom, I have a digital thermometer with the probe placed on the bottom of the container in the center (core? you could say, of the colony). I bought a $10 24 hour lamp dimmer/timer. Every 30 minutes the heat pad goes off, and then back on. I'd like something more programmable... so I can have it at mid-high 90's all the time. I check on the temp frequently al
  10. Figured I would start a new thread. I got my roaches this week, around 1k females and some males. I've got them in a closet, the temp was 73 last night when I checked, put a lamp on to heat the room up a little. (I didn't want to leave it on over night), brought it up high 70's. It ranges from high 70's low 80's in the day once I put the lamp on for a little bit. I cut a whole into the lid and hot glued a metal screen for ventilation. I'd like to have a infrared light resting on there, but am unsure what to buy? I've been told that undertank heating pads will NOT melt the tub? but I'm kind
  11. Got a 45 gallon sterlite container. Fits lots of roaches, working on heating it... I have 100 watt bulbs in a 2 socket lamp, dangling above the lid, wrapped to the pole that should hold hangers in a closet, with a ethernet cable... Will take pics once my girlfriend is home, she just had her wisdom teeth taken out and stayed home. I'll use her camera and take a few pics.
  12. I've read with heat mats they can kill the babies. They get too hot on the bottom and just die. Read this somewhere, possibly this forum someone had this problem if I am remembering correctly. I might just get two under tank heats and put them on the side of the container? I think this will be cheaper than 2 lamps + 2 lights. But I think lighting could control the heat better with the dimmer? Will be making my colony/tank/everything this next week. Just gotta buy the stuff I need, and figure out which heating I want to do.
  13. http://www.petmountain.com/product/reptile-light-fixtures/11442-510570/zoo-med-8-5-inch.html http://www.petmountain.com/product/reptile-heat-bulbs/11442-522465/zilla-150-watt-heater.html That's what I've picked, is 150 watt too much? - Cliff
  14. . Yeah I have heard about them before, never looked into much. I think I'll have to do some research. Honestly I'd rather not use a thermostat. They are kinda costly, I've already spend alot of $ on the roaches. I think heat tape + thermostat would be like $80 cheapest or something. I'm thinking ceramic heat emitter and a lamp dimmer? (I don't know how the lamp dimmer works, but I think I saw one at home depot the other day while looking around at plants. (Wanted to buy my GF a plant for valentines day). I was thinking of getting a 50gallon tub with lid to put my roaches in, or 2-3 30
  15. I think for heating I might use a light.. I feel it's the easiest way..?
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