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  1. Here he is. He's not very big (long) but he's kind of an odd shape and seems to have longer horns than my other ones.
  2. That's amazing! I only have 3 of them. lol.
  3. Found 2 adult males and a female today. The female had a bad moult so she's not as pretty but she is much bigger than the males. I'm hoping she will still be able to breed. Here is one of my males.
  4. They're probably just digging. My peppered roaches make squeeky noises too when they are digging at the bottom of the tank. It's their little claws scraping agains the glass. It's kind of freaky though.
  5. This one is a male. He's still my only adult. I hope more of them mature soon so I'll get to see what a female looks like.
  6. Sometimes I like to feed my roaches cats Peppereds sure have strange little faces don't they?
  7. I think that would be ok. I often thought about doing that to some of my more scruffy roaches that had nibbles taken out. She should probably be ok like she though is unless the wing is keeping her from moving around well.
  8. Thanks. I'll have to try those. I feed my roaches parrot fruit pellets. I guess they're probably similar. When I got my parrot pellets I thought they had some veggies mixed in but when I opened it I saw that they were dried hot peppers. I thought the roaches wouldn't eat them but that was the first thing they picked out and ate when I gave it to them. I think I might get a bag of dried peppers for them next time.
  9. I keep mine in a tupperware container so they can't climb out. Unfortunately they are able to sneak out of my exo terra tanks somehow. I've closed the holes on top but some still get out. I've stopped using them as feeders because they are able to slip through cracks in my tanks so easily. I have a small colony left that I'll be getting rid of soon probably. I had about 10 escape and I found them dead under the bath mat in the bathroom. They don't seem to live very long after escaping. Lobster roaches however do seem to survive a while. I found one in my room about 3 months after I got rid of my colony. It kind of freaked me out but I never found any more.
  10. Does anyone know the ingredients of silkworm food (besides mulberry)? There's something they put in there to make it stick together. I have an idea for roach food that I want to try. It might be the same thing that makes cricket food cubes but I can't figure out what it is. Maybe it's just powdered water gel crystals?
  11. That's cool. I'll have to try that. My hissers and dubias love fruit. I bet if I made them an orange bananna smoothie they would go nuts for it.
  12. Has anyone noticed this before? I have a dominant male that sits on a log under the light in my tank. Two females sit on there with him. When another male approaches he hisses at him, feels him up with his feelers then tries to mate with him. It's kind of funny to watch. I used to have a tank of all males that would do this and I assumed it was a lack of females that caused them to do it, but this guy has plenty of ladies around. Maybe that's just what they do when hissing and head butting doesn't work. The other male did take off after that. lol.
  13. That's interesting. I hope people don't cross breed them too much. It's kind of a bummer when you get nymphs that turn out to be hybrids like my b. fusca. They're cool anyway but I was hoping for a pure strain of fuscas. I do wonder what the adult hissers would look like though and if you would be able to tell the difference. I've seen people selling G. portentosa as "black and white morph" and just thought they got the species name wrong but maybe not.
  14. I've only seen adults for sale at $30 pair. Double D's still has some I think.
  15. Thanks. That's a relief. I though one year didn't sound right considering they don't grow very fast. It's good to know I'll have them around for a few years.
  16. I was just joking yesterday about how feisty this little guy was. He's not so little anymore though. He's HUGE compared to my other males.
  17. Well I have a few other adults now and they all have the smily face so they must be hybrids. That's ok though. This was was especially cute. He moulted out this morning
  18. I know regular hissers can live for about 3 years (and I've had a few that lived that long). What about Tiger and dwarf hissers? Do they have different lifespans? I read that tigers only live about a year. Is that true?
  19. Sorry, it seems to only be that way on my work computer. It must be some weird Netscape setting or something.
  20. This guy got out of his moult ok but his wings never uncurled for some reason. He's pretty cool looking though.
  21. Wow! That's really amazing. I didn't know all that about ooths. Thank you! I think I better put them back in and leave them alone. Hopefully I'll have some babies in a few months!
  22. I checked my p. aegyptiaca tank today and was sad to see one of my females had died. While I was sifting through the dirt though, I found these! They look like ooths, one is smaller than the other. I was wondering how I can tell if they are still alive (they're pretty hard is that normal?) and how long till they hatch? I put them in a separate container because I want to see the little ones when/if they emerge. I put them on top of a slightly damp paper towel in a plastic box with airholes. Will that be ok for hatching or should I bury them in some substrate. This is my first roach ooth. I'm kind of excited
  23. Thanks for the info. My bug room has been rather cold lately so that might be why. I've been putting a heater in there at night to warm it up a bit. I have a tiny heat mat that I'm going to attach to their tank tonight so that should help maybe.
  24. Really? I use it for all my hisser tanks. Seems to work pretty well. I have on a really thick layer on though. What do you think might work better?
  25. NM. I just saw the approved name on the list is grandidieri. Sometimes I see people selling vanwaerbecki "black and white form" so I was confused.
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