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  1. Sorry if this has been asked before, but are tiger hissers G. grandidieri or P. vanwaerbecki? Thanks.
  2. Hello I noticed today that when people reply to posts they don't show up all on one page anymore, you have to click on the reply at the bottom of the page to read it. Is there a way to change it back to being able to read all replies at once (all on one page)?
  3. I might use a heat mat and a rock for supplimental heat once in a while or for my smaller hisser tank. I just thought it might be fun to try. You're right though, the domiant male would probably sit on it and push all the others off. But that's kind of entertaining I looked at some rocks in the pet store yesterday and they said not to use them in tropical/humid environments but I saw some online that might work better. I think I cut a chunk out of the plastic part of my screen top and it should seal pretty tight when i close the cage. I guess I could put some olive oil on the cord too. I'll have to figure that part out still :-)
  4. I'm thinking about getting a large heat rock with a rheostat for my tiger hisser tank. They like sitting under warm lights and I thought they might sit on top of a heat rock. What do you think? I could get an under tank heater but I thought they might be more visable if I put the rock in.
  5. Thanks. I'm pretty sure they are b. fusca. I've seen some hybrids and they are a little bit darker than the fusca I have. This is still my only adult so far though so I'll have to wait and see what the others look like.
  6. All of my hissers have been breeding like crazy lately. I think it's because I have warm lights on them that get them "in the mood". My e. chopardi haven't been breeding at all though. I've had adults for several months, but no babies yet. They also aren't being as active as my other hissers. Are dwarfs difficult to breed or do they just have a longer gestation period than other hissers?
  7. The vinegar stings if it gets in the predators eyes so it's a pretty good defense. They are probably the coolest bug I've held. They're really calm, even with their prey. Mine would always just calmly walk over and pick up a cricket with his pinchers and munch on it. The smaller ones seem more feisty especially females. They do give you a threat pose before they spray (stick their tail up and shake it) so you have time to get your face out of the way.
  8. Wow! That's a cool bug. It looks big!
  9. Here he is. Had to wait till he came out of hiding. I've never held an adult one before. I didn't realize how fast they were. lol. He kept leaping off my hand.
  10. Thanks! That's really interesting. I wonder why they were releasing a defensive goo. I hadn't bothered them for a few days when I noticed it. Maybe they were fighting with eachother. I notice my s. lateralis only seem to get when they're hiding in my T tanks but not when they're with the colony.
  11. My first adult emerged last night! Woohoo! I caught another nymph trying to nibble on him so I kept an eye on him till he was out.
  12. Here he is! Isn't he beautiful?! Lots of black on him.
  13. My harlequins and s. lateralis get this odd sticky stuff stuff on them sometimes. What is it?
  14. My very first adult moulted out last night! He was still white but I wanted to get some pics. I'm going to check him out when I get home today and take some more pictures of him. He should be all hardened up and colorful by now. So excited!! He's HUGE!
  15. That's a great experiment! I can't wait to hear about your results. So far I've learned that olive oil is better than vasaline for hissers but I would like to switch to something else eventually.
  16. One of my tiger hissers had babies this week! I counted 18 but there may be more hiding in there. These guys are about 2 days old
  17. Check out this pretty girl I found last night! She's about 3/8" smaller than the other females and brightly colored.
  18. Are Polyphaga aegyptiaca parthenogenic? What other species are able to reproduce through parthenogenesis?
  19. Welcome! Awesome list! I would really like to see a pic of your Elliptorhina laevigata. I wish we had those here. So jealous!
  20. I would like to see a pic of them actually glowing. That would be pretty neat. Too bad we can't get our roaches to glow in captivity.
  21. Wow! Those are some long hissers! I don't think I have any that look quite like that. It's hard to pick a favorite roach. I like my Archmandrita tesselata a lot though. My nymphs are giant. I can't wait to see what the adults look like. They're really active too and don't mind me watching them eat.
  22. Nice! I'm trying to breed some red hissers I have. They're a pretty burgundy color. I bought a jar of hissers at a reptile show and got all kinds of cool color variations. There were a lot of nymphs in there too so it will be interesting to see what color they turn out to be.
  23. I've had skin allergies for a few months. I think it's my roaches or possibly the grain mites in the substrate. I just make sure to wash good after I mess with my colonies, which isn't too often. Only my dubias and fusca seem to cause the itchy roach rash
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