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  1. Cool. I like watching them moult. It's really amazing how they can do that. One of my b. fumigata females moulted last night and there were three males trying to mate with her while she was still white. lol.
  2. Thanks! I think it must be vaga or asahinai. The nymphs I have look like germanica except for the stripe in the middle. Maybe I'll be able to tell when they get a little bit older. They're only 1/4" right now. :-)
  3. I have: 2 Cats 1 Box Turtle 2 Axolotls (white and black wild type) 20+ Tarantulas (I lost count lol) Here are some pics:
  4. I have three more mature males now and they all have normal long wings. I guess this guy was just odd. It will be interesting to see if any of the offspring have wings like this. They've been fighting over females and mating like crazy lately so I should have some little ones soon...
  5. What about this insect-a-slip stuff? It sounds a little toxic.
  6. These are becoming one of my favorite roaches. They're so beautiful and they don't mind sitting out in the open for you to look at during the day. Nice find!
  7. I think so. It seems they get more brightly colored as they get older. A few of mine have some really pretty colors on them.
  8. Nice pics! I love the black hissers. I hope to get a few of those one day.
  9. They're really colorfull little roaches. A lot of mine have that white stripe and just a few are darker. I have some really fat females so I'm hoping for babies soon.
  10. Are these guys a different species than Rhyparobia maderae? Besides being gold color, they're smaller and aren't as skittish as my grey R. maderae.
  11. Woohoo! My first adult giant panchlora moulted out last weekend. It's been spending it's time trying to escape ever since. lol.
  12. Does anyone have a photo of a Blattella germanica nymph they could post or send to me? I can't find a clear enough photo of a small nymph online. I think I found some german roaches but they seem to have an extra stripe in the middle and I can't find any adults around to confirm what they are. Thanks!
  13. What about the teflon paint? Has anyone used that. I'm kind of curious about it. Where can you buy it? I've never really had a problem with roaches trying to escape till I got hissers. The little nymphs hang out at the top ready to run out when I open the lid.
  14. They like to burrow (at least nymphs do). I keep mine on about 4" of peat. One of their favorite foods seems to be carrots and butternut squash. Mine are doing good, but they do grow very slowly. I've had a few sub adults for several months. They're huge but don't seem to want to moult into adults. I just need to be more patient I guess
  15. I put some cantelope in my roach tanks last week. I thought they would love it since it's soft and sweet but they barely touched it. I gave it to b. fusca, peppereds, hissers, banana roaches, etc. The only roaches that ate it were my dubias. I have yet to find a food that dubias won't eat though.
  16. The same thing happened to me. One had a bad moult and then 4 nymphs died. I figured it was probably the humidity. I've been spraying the tank every other day and it seems to be helping. I haven't had any more deaths.
  17. Peppered roaches seem pretty calm. B. fusca are nice too but can be a little skittish sometimes.
  18. I love those roaches. I only have nymphs but hopefully I'll get to see an adult soon. I thought there was only one type of true craniifer (w/black wings) and the light wing ones were a different species or hybrids.
  19. I have some of these and they're my favorites right now. They're so pretty and really big. They just had babies too
  20. I keep my dubias in a large tub. I don't have any air holes but I open it to get a roach out every few days. I was worried about the lack of air, but my dubias are breeding like crazy. I think if you keep the tub in a warm place in your house you won't need an additional heat source for them.
  21. Those bucket cages are cool. What an awesome idea. Saves space too. Most of mine are in glass tanks right now that take up a lot of room, so If I get more species I might have to switch to the bucket method.
  22. People would have a fit if you did that to any other animal. What if you decided to make some designer turtles and glued gems to their shells? I recently saw a show where they put a hisser in the microwave and took bets on how long it would take to explode. Kinda sad really even if they are just bugs... Actually, my mom pointed out that in the 60's they used to sell turtles with painted shells and they were pretty popular pets till someone figured out that painting a turtle can be harmful to them. Hermit crabs on the other hand are kinda cool with their sparkly and googly eye shells. I saw a spider man shell at Petco and almost bought a crab for it. lol.
  23. I just made a roach trap and set it under the bush they hang out by. There was still a lot running around but I think they would be impossible to catch without the trap. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I might have some in the morning. I hope they like fig newtons. It was the only sugary thing I could find around here for the trap. lol. - Could this be blatella vega nymph? I only found pics of adults, but the stripes are similar.
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