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  1. That is her ootheca. Totally normal.
  2. Mine have a bigger die off, especially adults, if I let the container get too warm and dry. I keep them at room temp so they don't dry out as fast. If it gets too dry, sometimes the colony will attack molting roaches. I purposefully keep my colonies small by infrequent feeding, as I don't have anything to feed them to.
  3. I keep mine in my laundry room without a problem. Because of the heat, they just need moisture more often. I mist them and give them fruit and veggies for moisture.
  4. I like that we can like posts and don't need no stinkin' button to lay on the like.
  5. Be careful with those. If they are P. surinamensis, they will require a bit more than being tossed into a roach bin. They are escape artists and culture jumpers. If you don't have them in a lockdown type container, (sealed container, very fine metal mesh or small pinholes for ventilation, no gaps at all) You may just find some in many of your other roaches' bins.
  6. Don't forget to upload photos of the roaches on the sequins! I have got to see it.
  7. Orin, I clicked the like button for your post.
  8. This would be the best way. I don't see how restraing a female for mating will do any good if the stress and handling harms her. Not to mention that the female mounts the male in many species.
  9. No it didn't. That is why I just came out and told you. lol I try to like alot of posts. Perhaps, I will just alert the poster?
  10. I clicked the like button on your story. Just so you know.
  11. I also use pond sticks. They are a great food for all of my omnivourous arthropoda.
  12. I give mine royal jelly in honey and they love it. It is a sweet treat for them. I have used it to help injured or sick roaches get back on their feet. I think it actually works to help them heal and keep their energy level up. I have 3 roaches that would have probably died from their facial injuries if I didn't feed them that, they were chewed on by other roaches during their molting..
  13. All birds do it, ALOT! LOL. It is one of the pain in the butt things about keeping birds, besides the noise that large hookbills make. Birds can carry plenty of parasites. Make sure that you get the feces from a healthy source and not birds that are kept outdoors often.
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