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  1. they look fuzzy, super cool. I really like the white one as well.
  2. Completely awesome! Really great shots u got.
  3. That's a cool rotten wood setup. I really like how cavernous it looks.
  4. Shaped like a wooden coffin, I like it.
  5. I really like the first couple pics of the nymphs. The black is so pure!
  6. Just curious, What makes u think your a. Metallica is a hybrid? Usually the toes are more white and not quite as pink as say an a. Avicularia.
  7. The set of loupes I have range from 3x - 10x still using the macro setting. I'll have to post a thread when I get some time.
  8. ya the gasket seal bins are nice, quite a bit more pricey but worth no escapes.
  9. looks kinda plain jane at first glance, but then the wings BANG! lots of color jumps in your face. I really like the long whispy antenna also. great pics. in the past i raised a huge group of extatosoma tiaratum from ova, they were bread with males so i had males in culture also. I was making biweekly trips to the local park to harvest enough eucalptyus to satisfy them. but here in the USA phasmids are a big no no anymore, a while back a few ppl got their doors knocked on by Dept of Agriculture, if im not mistaken someone on this forum got a visit.
  10. No matter what size the enclosure is they should breed just fine, as long as they are not super overcrowded. To get high numbers of nymphs just make sure all their conditions are satisfied : food, water,heat,ventilation,humidity. Other than that they just need to be left alone to fo what roaches do. Breed!!! Like roaches. The standard would be a medium sized plastic tub. I would not get too large of an enclosure because of convienance issues like space and heating requirements.
  11. A trick i have used in the past with my el-cheepo digi cam, for super super clear macro shots i use a loupe style magnifying glass simply held over the lens. it seems to make the shots much more forgiving using a handheld digi cam.
  12. if your breeder bin has hundreds of adults it would be way too time consuming to count each male and female, a quick survey is all that's needed. i wouldn't spent too much time worrying about the exact specific number of males to females in each bin. just pull a a few egg flats and see what you come up with. if there is a huge disproportion, add what you are lacking.
  13. I don't think u will get any nymphs from the aborted ooths. I don't know of anyone that has had much luck, usually they turn yellow and dry out quickly. Also I was under the assumption that all roaches were the sexed the same way, by the last abdominal segment. Large/wide being female and small/pointed being male.
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