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  1. Thanks! I'm not sure I've seen any really dark ones in my colony. Got any pics?
  2. Here's a closeup; Here's one of my setups. There's about 100 Hissers in the log.
  3. My apologies for the delay. I've been pretty busy getting insectgeeks setup. I've added many news features to the site and changed the name of "Insectavision" to IGtv. Eventually, IGtv will be a place where anyone can come to "flip channels" and watch all things Inverts! From weekly syndicated shows, product reviews, store reviews, LIVE streams (field-collecting, shows, etc.), to simple videos... all by members just like YOU! It's also an incredibly flexible way for advertisers to reach a global audience, in ways that really work. IGtv isn't just more video on the internet... it's the hobby evolved. If you're interested in hosting your own channel, please contact me (Chalcosoma) via insectgeeks.com for further details. Orin, I'm sorry to have missed the Calendar Photo Contest. Please do let me know when you have your next one. Peter, Thank you very much for the kind words! Arachnocat, Yep, that was me, taking my sink apart to retrieve a lost tarantula! I eventually got it all back together and the T is doing great. P.S. I'm now working with 10 species of Roaches and looking for more. Robert
  4. Hello everybody! My name is Robert Coral. Some of you may know me from my older website, InsectaCulture.com I've recently created a NEW Social Network for Insect & Arachnid enthusiasts, insectgeeks.com. Here, you can share photos, videos, write blogs, create groups, chat and so much more! I'm currently working with the following Roach species: - Eurycotis decipiens - Gromphadorhina portentosa - Archimandrita tesselata - Blaptica dubia - Therea petiveriana Robert insectgeeks.com
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