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  1. Welcome wodesorel! Yes they are hissers alright but different from G. Portentosa. Just lift up the body part and avoid the legs if in case you have a sensitive skin. Their home looks natural.
  2. I have noticed that my Dubias breed and multiply fast when I give them a varied diet of chicken pellets and fruits.
  3. This specie is no longer with me. I decided to exterminate them because the adults fly and climb smooth surfaces which is a nuisance.
  4. Does the normal lobster roach do this too? I've got to observe this one on my colony.
  5. Fellow arachnid hobbyist here. Good collection you got there.
  6. Hi kdogmcgruff and welcome to the forum! Your roach looks like a B. Dubia nymph but I'm not yet sure. You can Google for more pics of other roach specie and see if it has a match. I think the apple is already sufficient for the humidity because it is only alone. The damp cotton wool ball may harbor harmful bacteria so you might want to take it out in my opinion. Happy roach keeping!
  7. For me, I don't count them, I just let them multiply in one bin.
  8. Beautiful eyes on the green one.
  9. I had a colony of Lateralis before and even in the past they are called and sold as B. Lateralis here in the Philippines. Then I searched on Google "Shelfordella Tartara" and to my surprise it refers to the same specie. I'm amazed that it has two scientific names. I don't know maybe its like some tarantulas which has an old name and then changed to a new one? It is sometimes confusing. Well, anyways they are fast breeders and would surely provide you lots of feeders for your other pets.
  10. I didn't know before that B. Lateralis has another name. Thanks for that one.
  11. What is the size of the adult?
  12. Welcome Roberto. Maybe you're referring to B. Lateralis?
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