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    Tarantulas, Bearded Dragons and of course roaches.

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  1. I know the our hissers go absolutely crazy and come out in hordes for the old stale frosted flakes.
  2. Just a quick update: What seems to have helped the most is making sure there are no dead roaches and I had to be anal about it. Plus I started alternating between dry food and wet food. Kept the wet food (fruits, vegies, etc) to a small amount to ensure it was eaten within 24hrs. I also came up with a better watering system because the open water dish was part of the problem I think. Basically all I did was flip a glass jar upside down and poked holes in the lid to allow the water to come out slowly but yet there is always water for the roaches to drink from.
  3. I was placing fruit out to my colonies tonight and I looked down from the upper tanks and here she was.
  4. Lets not forget the good old USPS.You can order free shipping boxes, tape, forms and labels, all shipped straight to your door for free. It just takes 7 to 10 days and if they have it in stock. Here is the link: http://shop.usps.com/webapp/wcs/stores/ser..._category=11820 If you look at the bottom of the description of the product you want, a lot of them are marked "No Charge" Hope this helps everyone else out.
  5. Ok will do, I already separated the 4 biggest males to put back in but i will just put 2 in now.
  6. I was wondering what people think is the best female to male ratio is for this SP? I currently have eleven adult females, fifteen adult males and various nymphs and juvies. All housed in a twenty nine gallon aquarium. Is there an optimal ratio? I was thinking more like 10 females to 2 males.
  7. I have yet to see them fight? Maybe I just haven't been around to see it yet.
  8. 30 gallon and approximately ten females, a few males and assorted nymphs. These guys are great to watch.
  9. Are these guys meat eaters?
  10. You might have found a roach in michigan?
  11. We just got our giant cave roaches and the wife is ecstatic lol With a steel rule. Look at this dirty little kids foot getting the roach all dirty Hope you all enjoy the pics, we also got some cuban burrowing and what looks like a B.fusca hybrid. Who knew roaches would be so addictive
  12. Thought i would show you all the roach motels I built for our breeder tanks. In the slots I added 1/4 inch wood. I can make the walls as tall or as short as I need to. So far they work great for maximizing space and seems to have increased productivity in our B.dubia and G.portentosa colonies.
  13. No i really wish we did though But i can try to get some pics of some pregnant females for ya though. We have lots of them.
  14. Yeah we have seen them under the females too. Actually theres a female with new nymphs under her now. We stopped counting after 50+ I'll try to get a few more pics like it posted in the next day or two.
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