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  1. I have used oak, cottonwood, and mulberry. All have worked well and the list you compiled looks good to me.
  2. Welcome, I think I remember you from the venom list. That enclosure looks very nice. Your peppereds should be pretty happy in that as long as there is enough hides.
  3. IMO 2. E. chopardi (I have had some good size E. javanica males) 4. G. grandidieri (tiger hisser)
  4. I also turn into a snot factory, or used to. When the peat moss that I use for substrate got dry it created a dust when I disturbed it. That dust became airborne and that is what caused me to sneeze like crazy. Now I wear a dust mask and I also mist the substrate before I go poking around in a bin. The problem has been solved for me.
  5. My hisser colony is also a hybrid of portentosa/oblongonatas. I acquired four oblongonatas from a person who got them from Roach freak 101 back in the day but I was unable to positively identify them and tossed them in with my portentosa colony. They are def. a hybrid now.
  6. This would be very interesting to prove. I am not saying you are wrong. How sure are you that you females were virgins. Just curious.
  7. My eighteen cultures of roaches are much easier to keep and enjoyable in my experience than when I used to keep fish. I think your guess on the sexes is right. I have yet to cough up the dough for these guys but enjoy yours. Welcome!!
  8. My B. rothi def. look different than those B. fumigata. I am hoping they are pure and not a hybrid. I have heard that this remains to be seen.
  9. Very nice. I need to get off my arse and find some Arenivaga here in New Mexico. I know we got em.
  10. I couldn't find the game fish pellets. I will let you all know how the koi fish pellets work out.
  11. I have always used a low cost dog food for my roaches source of protein. They eat it just fine with no problems. I decided to change their diet a bit and bought some koi fish pellets. I put them in two colonies to try them out. Anyone else use these.
  12. I have heard of pam and other cooking oils used by other people. I have always used vaseline in the eight + years of my keeping roaches. I have in the past lost a few hissers and lobsters but that was no big deal because I have so many of both and they cant survive outside of my laundry room for long due to the dryness during the summer and winter here. I did have some hissers that I quarantined due to mites and they survived a month with no food and water out in my should during 100+ degree during the summer. That was quite a shock.
  13. That makes sense Kyle. The room is getting down to 75dgs. at night. I will wipe off the old vaseline and replace it with a new thin coat. Thanks, I guess I better do this with all my other climbing species.
  14. The title says it all. I was just wondering if anyone else has had this problem. This morning I actually found some nymphs in my P. surinamensis colony that is stacked just below the African bullet colony. I guess I may have to go to a sealed lid for these guys.
  15. Are those mites on the P. striatus?
  16. Very nice pictures. I def. need a new camera.
  17. All of my roaches eat leaves. Most of them prefer dead and brown. If you bake them you also get ride of unwanted creepy crawlies. I have dropped a hand full of dried oak leaves into my G. portentosa bin and they have immediately started eating them, sounded like a person eating potatoe chips. Pretty cool.
  18. The tan male looks exactly like the one in this picture all the way to the right. http://www.bio.umass.edu/biology/kunkel/Byrsotria.html
  19. After looking at several pictures of B. fumigata the wing structure is the same but the pronutum markings are a bit different, possible hybrid? Can B. rothi and B. fumigata crossbreed? I am going to segregate the tan male from the other ones. The only problem is that I have two adult females and three adult males, one tan two black, and there is a good possibility that he has already bred with at least one female if it is possible. I know a lot of ifs but right now I have nothing else to go on. HEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPPP.
  20. I just found a tan male in my colony, pronutum markings are more like the black males that I have, and the wings extend all the way to the end of the abdomen.
  21. I have heard that male B. rothi can differ in color. My B. rothi have recently started to mature and I have two different color forms of males, tan and black. I was not surprised but one thing puzzles me. The tan male's wings extend all the way to the end of his abdomen while the black males only go a little past half way. Can anyone tell me if this is normal. I will be posting some roach pictures tonight in the photo gallery and you will be able to see the difference. Any insights?
  22. Thats pretty cool. I thought this species was supposed to be pretty moisture dependent. Roaches never cease to amaze me.
  23. All I have to say is nice pictures, and damn I need a new camera.
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