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  1. Hi, I have a few questions as im now confused with my Hissers, last month one of them was drying an egg case, but later aborted it, after removing it I noticed there was quite a few more lying around half eaten can Hissers produce egg cases without mating? as Im not sure I have any males in the tank and if I do they dont have horns like the usual Hisser males do, I got them when they were small nymphs, so they cant have mated before I got them
  2. Your roaches are so beautiful I had to get some as soon as I saw your pics I now have seven nymphs and they are so cute! Im hoping to get more soon and get a gang going!
  3. Ive hatched two chinese ootheca's. I used a heat pad and kept the tank humid and around about a month later it hatched, I dont think in captive the month really matters. Both mine hatched at late morning times but before noon, hope this helps but I'd try and be prepared at all times for the arrival
  4. Mine used to get tinned dog meat every now and again and so did my hissers but now I dont have a dog they dont really get any meat. I did find that my nymph Blaberus' love mushrooms rather than fruit, and last night I discovered that both the adults and nymphs go crazy over coconut!! I put half a coconut in their tank and its now like an edible house for them
  5. Hi guys, a newbie here Anyways... my roaches had been going off their food for a few months now, so i have been a little experimental with feeding, which is why I filled a shallow dish in their tank with smoothie! And they loved it! ive never seen them so excited and eat so much! they have really picked up, i won't use this as their main food but as a treat once a week or so. I can't imagin this is bad for them? any suggestions? At the moment ive only two types of roaches, Hissers and giant caves, both really enjoyed the liquified treat!
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