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  1. You say you have all of them in the same tank? I would say it would be from the super worms, they are nasty biters!
  2. I'll tell you mine LOVE Cherrios. That's the first thing to get eaten.
  3. That is so interesting. I ought to get a video of the roaches going crazy. It is a sight to see!
  4. Hi everybody, I was wondering if anyone else experienced things like Pavlov's dogs with their roaches. I started using some chicken feed (no chemicals) for my roaches. That stuff stinks I'm telling you! Anyway the roaches love it and come running like a mad dog when I feed it to them. At first I thought it was the smell that made them come running. A few times I sprayed their enclosure (with water) and it makes the same sound as when I spill the chicken feed. Well they came running for that too! I feed them alot of things and they are by no means deprived of food and drink. But whats with the stampeed? I mean they all come charging at once. They don't act like that even when I give them oranges. Is it the sound? What are your thoughts on this?
  5. Looks like an earthworm to me. If you were wanting a scientific name I have no idea, sorry.
  6. Ok Thanks! I was worried because I seemed to have quite a few deaths as I didn't have hardly any die before.
  7. Ok Thanks. I guess I have phorid flies. I just read a bunch of info on them and they are supposed to keep fire ants at bay. Since I don't have fire ants they are going to feast on my roaches. Should I dipose of my colonies, or will they still be ok? I'm using them to feed lizzards.
  8. I've got what I thought were fruit flies. They showed up after getting a watermelon. The flies are pestering my Dubias and also my super worms. They are getting unbearable. The dubias have been changed to a brand new container with new bedding and roach flats. It seems like I have had quite a few roaches die recently and have an awful smell! I do red up everyday so there are no dead ones left in there very long. Now I caught a fly buzzing me and I smashed it....ewww.. it smelled terrible! Maybe I'm over sensitive but maybe it's a clue and someone will know exactly what it is. Are my colonies destroyed?
  9. I don't know the answer to your question but wanted to add a story to yours. My dad was in the Navy and when I was 8 years old we moved from California to Washington state on the USS Kittyhawk. I think we were on the Kittyhawk for 4 days but not sure. After the first day I became extremely seasick. I remember my dad doing drills and how important everyone looked. That evening my dad got me out to go eat. I was so sick! And on top of that seeing so many roaches crawling all over everywhere kinda made the nausea worse. I don't remember a whole lot about the trip but I sure remember those roaches! I also remember having to drive our van down 2 skinny planks over the water to get it off the ship. Thats the kinda stuff nightmares are made of.
  10. I didn't realize how fast they were. Like I said I won't be caught unprepared again.
  11. Oh No! I have 2 buildings out back full of "stuff". While rummaging through I was startled by this rather large bug as it turns out it is an American roach. I found many oothecae in one particular box that was full of fabric and sewing patterns. So my thought was momma roach thought my patterns would make great baby food. Hmm. I have never seen this type of roach before in my life. A bit intimidating. I will not be going back into that building without a flashlight again!
  12. Would pin oak be ok to use? We have tons of oak trees around. I considered the pin oak to be a pest.
  13. You are never going to guess what the cat dragged in, literally. Yep, she doesn't look like she feels too good, a bit skinnier too. I didn't put her back with the others but put her alone. She wouldn't get off my finger no matter what. I wonder if she was traumatized and saw I was trying to help her. I don't really think this but it's fun to think about it. She has sowed her wild oats and is ready to come home.
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