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  1. Well I have an old house thats not in great shape. Heater and hot water heater(leaks some). My tub leaks somewhere but to find it we have to demolish part of the kitchen, no funds for that right now. I'm not especially worried about this one roach, but however many babies she will or will not have. And here I was feeling sorry for her! Oh well, it's not the end of the world and I certainly won't loose sleep over it. I will definatley be more careful in the future and these girls are soon to be lunch(not mine). Thanks again!

  2. I got an order of lobsters some months back that had 6 female turks and 1 male. The male died about 3 months ago but the females are still dropping oothecaes. I seperated 3 of the females into their own bin. I didn't put a lid on because I figured that they couldn't climb and I was safe from escape. WRONG! One of them is on the loose! How long will she be fertile? I put traps out but any oothecaes, OMGosh how could I be so stupid!

  3. I have several hundred dubias. I noticed 2 days ago a nymph on its side. When I picked it up it was dead. Same thing yesterday only this one was near dead. They were fairly large nymphs but not the same age. The first one was about the size of a dime and the second was about the size of a quarter. I did notice on the second nymph that it was arching its back (like we bend over with a tummy ache). And one of its legs was eaten or something hollowed out, only visible underneath. Should I be worried? What could it be and what can I do to fix this problem?

  4. I found my first b. latt. nymphs. They were so tiny and cute. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to tell the difference between the two breeds but there is a big difference. I don't know how many I have now. I just changed from 30gal to 60gal to give more room. After I clean the 30gal I'll put the b.latts in their own place, if I can catch them!

  5. Oh how sweet! The spiderlings can eat a whole roach? wow! I found a spider in my feeder bin eating a small lobster, or what was left of it anyway. It was one of those black jumping spiders, really hairy bugger. I want to see how big he gets. I see him eating the water cyrstals too sometimes. I bet he is in hog heaven with all that prospective food running around!

  6. WOW, really? Hmm I was feeling sorry for the girls , now a bit nervous. I only have 6 turks in a tub of several thousand lobsters. They can't eat too much can they? I was trying to get these ooths(can I say that?) to hatch but maybe I will throw them away, err flush them instead. I can't catch those little buggers. I am in the process of puting together a bigger bin for the lobsters so maybe I can get them then. They don't seem aggressive, do they bite?

  7. I have several questions but I'm not sure how to word them. I received about 6 female and 1 male turkistan roaches in an order of lobsters. My only male died a month ago, yet I see a few females still laying oothecaes. Are they fertile? I've had these roaches since mid summer. I don't think any nymphs have hatched yet. Do they require special care? I've tried seperating them from the lobsters but I can't catch them. I've heard that the lobsters may eat the ooths but I found several that were shrivaled up, are they dead? Should I gather them up and put them in their own container or are the females tending to them still. I don't know if they do that or not. Any ideas?

  8. My peanut butter captain crunch cereal was a bit stale this morning. I wondered if my roaches would eat it. The answer is OH YEAH! I saw a tiny one( dubia) trying to drag a whole puff across the bin. The puff was twice as big as her, that was my oh ins't that sweet? moment. My lobsters eat anything and everything, except honey bunches of oats I wonder why?

  9. Cover the bin? as in extra covering besides the lid? I have a lid that I cut a section out and glued metal screen for ventilation. The lid was for protection from a very curious cat, and I didn't want these guys spilled all over the house! Cat is not allowed in that room at all so all is ok in that respect. I still can't figure out how they got out of the tub though. No more escapees that I know of, but I got another order of 120 plus several more adult females.

  10. Hi Darla and welcome to the roach forums! Please feel free to ask any/all questions you want.... there are many people here who can answer your questions or give you various points of view.

    My experience is that roaches always go to food and comfort. So you might take a look at what can you do to make thier home more comfortable to them and more attractive food items. Almost any species I keep seems to want to go to where the food is, the water is, or the right temps or substrate might be, so I try to make that in thier tub! However, I learned (the hard way) that this is not always the same for every roach keeper and you might consider:

    1. Make one part of the cage warmer or cooler?

    2. How often do you feed them and do they get a variety of fruits, veg, carbs, and proteins?

    3. Is thier enclosure uniformly moist or does it have a dry end and wet end?

    4. There are ways to make many variations of #3.

    5. Lots of hide spots or a few?

    6. How long is the light on in the room or thier enclosure?

    7. Is there other stimuli? (Example: I have a few snakes in the same room, and when one deficates my B.dubia are very active from the scent of it.)

    I use cypress mulch for a substrate (2 inches) with egg cartons on end over that and a half-screen lid on top. I dumps some water on one end of the tub and let the other end stay dry. They get all sorts of food items. Temp in the room is 70 at night and up to 80 during the day and they seem to do well. My room humidity is alot higher than most homes... from 65- 85 percent depending on when I watered cages last. Most homes are 20-50 percent humidity, so this in itself may make for different husbandry results from different keepers.

    ...I am sure that others on this forum can throw in some good input! I hope some of these points may lead to a solution to the escapee issue.

    Cool! THanks for being so quick with a reply. I have a 30 gallon tub with a screen lid( homemade). I have a heating pad under 1/2 of bottom of tub, underneath of course. I feed them everyday, with various things. They love oranges and pears. I also have a dish with water crystals and another dish with the high protien mix I got from BlapticaDubia.com. I also add prium fish flakes and cheerios. I have also tried the left over greens from my bearded dragon, they were not so eager to eat those. I tried uncooked oatmeal too. Don't get mad at me if I did a major NO NO but I gave them 1/2 of an oreo cookie too. I was surprised that they didn't eat that very fast. I don't add everything at the same time but try to give them a variety to choose from each day. I was monitering the temps before and on the bottom of the tub right where the pad was it would get up to 90, but not a constant. I have about 15 roach flats verticle in the container. I also have several wads of paper towels that I damp every few days. the babies, sorry, nymphs love it in the towles. I do not have substate. I do not mist at all. I did notice many times that they were being so wild and loud that they woke my up in the night. Upon investigation they were having a wild dance! I have since learned that a fresh molt female was around. I did wonder though if I might have too many males? Is it possible? I just ordered another 100 and don't want any grown males. I think that my current population is males 2-1. So far I have found 6 or so wandering outside( in the house) males. I have a bearded dragon in the same room, I try to keep his enclosure clean but somtimes he doesn't ( go) on schedule. I also have 2 more colonies of lobster roaches. Different tubs. All roaches are in dark tubs. There is a light on in the room but I'm not sure it affects them. A window with sunshine, somtimes. They are not near the window.

  11. Hi all, I'm new to this. This site seems much easier to navigate for us new ones, so thanks for all the info! I have some ?'s if I may? I have about 200 dubia (not sure) lots of adults but more nymphs. I noticed several males that escaped. I have a lid on their enclosure so I wasn't sure what was happening. I noticed a few males out everyday for weeks, they soon died after I found them from cold I guess. I then thought I must have missed nymphs as I unpacked them from shipping. I ruled that out. I wonder if I have too many males and they fight and kick some of them out of the tribe? Just grasping straws here.

  12. Hi Y'all. I just wanted to add that I have some wads of paper towels that I keep damp in with my roaches. lots of babies hide in them. I also notice that when I redamp the towel that lots of roaches hurry over to sip water. I wondered if they like "real" water better than the crystals I keep in with them?

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