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  1. Since you are in the US you can try this feeders: http://www.ectotherm.com/roach.htm They are the best for roaches whats sad for me is I cannot buy those I got a sample from DD but I never have had a chance to order them again.
  2. My experience with this is that they are very prone to cannibalism they just eat their house mates. But they are cool looking critters I have been keeping and getting lot of this in the wild when I go for an hunting expedition(need to travel for 12hours!!! but worth).
  3. Thanks guys! I thought the one with wings is the spadica.
  4. Is there such roach named malagasi. Base from the name it came from malagay and its near madagascar I think they were saying that its a small specie of hisser. hope to know more about this thanks!
  5. Hi guys, I want to ask for some assistance on how I can get other feeder roaches like discoids, craniffer, fusca, and some other rarer/big feeder roaches. I am looking for someone who is willing to send overseas. thanks for looking
  6. The temp here is between 24-29c. I give them fruits and dry foods every other day. The box that I have is like 1 square meter wide I keep like 200pcs inside. Now I started to separate them by 20pairs. I have separated 5/20 pairs so far still no activity.
  7. thanks for the replies. They are enclosed in a very big box and what I did is I separated 20pairs so they will be enough space for them to share. In general they will keep breeding? Maybe its just the temp factor that contributes to the slowing of their production.
  8. Hi guys, I have a colony of orange heads. I am wondering why they are now low in nymphs production...is there a certain limit in their gene pool where they can inter breed and suddenly stop at one point of the generation?
  9. Centruroides margaritatus"Bicolor or yellow morph" is one possible answer.
  10. How to claim the prize will be the problem. just my cent...peace.
  11. For sure its male. I am with tityus or centruroides(bicolor).
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