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  1. Thanks guys, i'm pretty certain they are b. lateralis now.
  2. I just caught these outside my apt on the walls. There were about 20 of them so I nabbed nymphs and 1 adult. These things were lightning fast too.
  3. Neat, a useful roach. I sure loath his cousin though, I have lived in an apt that was infested them nasty german roaches.
  4. I think this one is a male and he is about 1.5" and his wings go past his body about a 1/4" and another pic
  5. No. Medicated fish food is death any aquatic invert that eats it. I would not try it out on a roach.
  6. So a few months ago I bought some roach nymphs to feed the gecko girl and a few of them were just to big to be dinner. Well I decided to keep em as pets and today i found my 1st adult 1 orange head roach. making a run for it he is No more flashy lights!!!
  7. I am planning on setting up a roach colony for gecko food. Any suggestions for a good species to try for a 1st time future roach keeper?
  8. Hi I mostly just keep reptiles but i have always loved bugs of various kinds. I recently picked up a leopard gecko and found I loved playing with silk worms. I was considering picking out a good feeder roach and raising them as pets and gecko food. i am glad to of found a place like this. After all once i have feeder roaches who knows what else I may pick up.
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