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  1. I considered doing this a while back before I got rid of all my isopods, but never tried it for fear of the enclosures getting too dry between feedings. I was working with smaller colonies of roaches then and only had to open them once a week or less so it got pretty dry and I was afraid the isopods wouldn't do very well in those conditions.
  2. I do an exotic animal exhibit every memorial day for a troop of Boy Scouts, I usually don't take very much, 5-6 snakes, a bearded dragon, 2-4 tarantulas, a couple of scorpions, and acolony or 2 of roaches. the roaches usually go over really well.
  3. I hadn't heard of those, but if they ever make it to the U.S. I wouldn't mind obtaining a culture. I would imagine they are quite pretty.
  4. I think it would be interesting to see what's out there. If enough people will actually use it, I think it's definately a good idea. But if too few people use it, the work to get it up and running will have been done for nothing. Tough call.
  5. I had a guy ring me one of these guys to find out what it was a couple of years ago, not sure it was a native species though, he found it at work, and his job is in a warehouse in the cargo area of an airport. I'm sure he could find all kinds of cool bugs, from all over the world. Obtained legally, no paperwork needed for stowaways right? P.S. There is also a hammer in the photograph. One of the claw variety ones. Handleus fiberglassius
  6. Welcome to the forum. If you already have a love for inverts, roaches included you will fit in nicely around here. Chris
  7. Welcome to the forum, may all your roach needs be filled, and questions be answered. Chris
  8. That has to be one of the prettiest roaches I have ever seen. Anyone know where one could obtain a culture of them?
  9. Is this a quarterly publication? How would I go about subscribing?
  10. Another thing, if the enclosure is much larger than needed, maybe they are producing but they spread out in that big enclosure and you just can't tell it yet. Give them some time. Could just be rambling, I dunno.
  11. I have told all of my invert keeping friends, and I even send links to my non invert keeping friends in hopes that they will open their minds a bit and maybe start to understand why I am intrigued by these creatures. I suppose we could make up a form and post it so people could print them out and leave them on bulletin boards at pet stores and places like that.
  12. I tried cumquats once, and had very little nibbling on it. but I kept carrots in the enclosure at all times for a water source, I dunno if that had anything to do with it though. Chris
  13. Another vote for dubia here. Anyone ever had a B. dubia play dead when handled?
  14. I would think it might make their exoskeletona little more brittle than normal. I know with crickets too much calcium will make them a little more brittle than normal. Roaches shouldn't be much different. Chris
  15. I'm curious about this too, I have some that do this too. I think its the moisture that accumulates on the climbing material that they're after, but that's just an idea. Someone else might have a better idea.
  16. I've heard them called Shelfordella tartara, but never S. lateralis. Nice pic, is that on styrofoam?
  17. Whats the adult size on these guys?
  18. I get those little fruitfly-like critters in my roach colonies once every now and again, I usually take out all food and water, and remove any dead roaches, and leave the lid off the enclosure for a couple hours, then put everything back and put the lid back on and that usually does the trick.
  19. That was a very interesting read. I never paid that much attention to my hissers when I still had them, but after reading this, I think I had both species in the same colony.
  20. Welcome to the forums. Roaches are just as addictive as Tarantulas. Consider yourself warned.
  21. Are you being sure to wash the fruits and veggies really good before offering them to the roaches? The setup sounds pretty good.
  22. I'd have to say my favorite species that I have kept so far would have to be B. dubia mostly because of the individual personality differences, they are also a great feeder roach, and at this time all of my roaches are feeders. My favorite that I haven't kept yet would be domino roaches.
  23. Where can I get a culture of these critters? I think DoubleD's was selling cultures at one time, do you know of anyone else selling them?
  24. Those are pretty cool looking. hw easy are they to care for?
  25. I need more of these. My last one died 2 molts from maturity. I miss those guys. beautiful bug.
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