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  1. what juicer are u using for your wheat grass juicing, Matt? or for anyone else that juice wheatgrass
  2. Congratulation Graham, how long did it takes for yours to hatch?
  3. welcome aboard wasps guy, you will soon find the roach hobby just as addictive.
  4. sorry, but i am going to have to disagreed with what you said above about B. dubia being a soft body. they have a pretty hard shell unless you are using them right after they molt.
  5. Sean, can you post a picture of the herbal tea varieties, so that i know what they look like?
  6. WOW!! those are very detailed pictures that you took. You must be using some type of special lenses because i can see every bump and spike on those roaches. thanks for sharing
  7. They looked to me like B. fumigata. The B. rothi are bigger and the color is richer, like chocolate. unlike the B. fumigata, they also have less yellow on the head.
  8. Hi Graham, 2 of mine just hatched about a week ago. It takes them about 4 months to hatch. i noticed that some also dried out, so try to give a little moister too. good luck
  9. i think that you should be worry, because they sounded like they are suffering from a freeze. I think that your package might have gone thru an area where it gotten really cold and it must've affected the roaches. at 80 F and they are not moving? to be honest, I don't think that they are going to make it. if they start to eat, then things might get better. good luck and keep us posted
  10. none of my female molted yet, but i'll move him to another tank. I have about 57 males. he is the first to molt into maturity, i'll keep him around for a bit longer and see how things will turn out with my other males first before feeding him off. btw, it is just a small protrusion, a little less the one that Keith has on his avatar. but it still bugs me.
  11. cool, are the females bigger than the male? because my male just molted today and it's only 3.5" in length.
  12. Hi, I was wondering if it is normal for winged roaches like B. giganteus to molt and have their underwings or their flying wings protrude out a little bit under their protective wings. should i cull him, so that something like this won't be able to pass on to the next generation? they have plenty of molting surface area.
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