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  1. You should have no problem finding both species where you live.
  2. Your boss should be reimbursed for a wrongful confiscation of stuff that is actually legal.
  3. Hmm...did they actually eat the lobsters? In my tanks the lobsters would hide in the cork and either escape or die after a few weeks. Not one incident of one getting captured. lateralis worked ok as they didnt' seem as good at hiding.
  4. Anyone have any advice? I've tried lateralis-probably best choice so far...but open to others dubia-males work, but nymphs like to burrow orangeheads- nymphs work ok, but tend to burrow in...though not as much as dubia. lobsters-don't seem to like these, or maybe they are too fast! I wonder if hisser nymphs would fit the bill?
  5. If anyone wants any I can get them some also.(sea slaters) They are not aquatic but live on the high tide area in the intertidal zone where they feed on washed up seaweed.
  6. never tried. I think crickets would need it too moist for the eggs to hatch...and mealworms/dubia would finish the eggs off pretty quickly. Unless you make a little egg laying container just for the crix.
  7. I tried it...worked very well. They are a good moisture gauge too. If things are a bit too moist they will climb out of the substrate onto eggcrates. If things get too dry they will do very well.
  8. I went to Costa Rica this summer, and one thing I saw there was quite interesting. We were getting ready for dinner in Tortugero in an open air kind of hut/house. Suddenly a big roach crawled from out of the roof and fell on the floor. Amid the screams of "Oh yuck!' I managed to get a good look at it and observed it had an orange pronotum and shiny wings before it crawled in between the floorboards. I've only kept E. prosticus but it seemed slightly bigger and its wings were more silvery. Does distanti match this description? Also, what the heck was it doing in our dining hall?
  9. looks like he found one in the process of molting or else one that got stuck.
  10. I believe anyone keeping over 1 species in their house(intentionally! ) is an enthusiast.
  11. Quinones sound right. Anyone with experience know if they seem more potent than a superworm beetle? Tarantulas will eat those.
  12. Hello Orin, Also, are these also questionable legality ATM the way assasins are? Thanks! ~Joseph
  13. Don't these have really toxic defensive secretions? They look like they would...anyway. That would explain the mimicry of something else that is also toxic(firefly)
  14. Has anyone noticed differences in roach feeding response intensity? I had some fun giving my colony of lobster roaches(with some lateralis and B. dubia mixed in) bottom feeder tablets. One roach would grab it run...and usually run right into a crowd that would start wrestling for it and ultimately result in a huge rolling dogpile. The lateralis, on the other hand...are so spooky I hardly see them eat. They will grab a small piece of kibble and take off with it. When I had only dubia they would squabble over food also, but nowhere near as intense as the lobsters.
  15. Wait...are discoids naturalized or native? Are they all naturalized species?
  16. I did a little stint with Abedus herberti a while back, then sold the breeders and the juveniles I kept back cannibalized each other(they were in a very big container so I thought their would be no problem). I know someone did rear them individual netting containers in a flo thru setup with success. I've devised a little idea I would like to try, and have always wanted to rear these. Do you know of a source for these?
  17. Anyone on here breed/have info on these guys? Thanks!
  18. The one that I captured escaped...so no story here. I had a chance to get another one, but I let it get away. Tarantulas, scorpions, roaches etc. I don't mind...but something about these guys gives me the woogies. It must be that squishy abdomen.
  19. This all sounds really interesting. I'd be interested in seeing if anyone has attempted to keep some of the solitary wasps. The steel blue cricket hunter might be a good start.
  20. http://www.arachnoboards.com/ab/showthread.php?t=116553
  21. The only problem I've had with turks is that my critters like them so much I could never keep them around long enough to breed. I dumped a few nymphs into my lobster colony...we'll see what happens. Panther chams have trouble with adult lobsters? I was hoping to use the lobsters to feed redeyes(so far their nymphs seem to work ok)...
  22. None yet besides actually including a species that matches my description. I wanted banana roaches, but how similar are lobsters? Would they also work in this situation?
  23. Doubt it. I had an adult lateralis for the longest time with no males maturing. Eventually I ended up feeding off the rest of the tiny group(they were too yummy!)...and she eventually became a happy meal for a Psalmopoeus cambridgei.
  24. I spotted a male wandering around in the viv today, so snapped a pic.
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