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  1. Thanks they are fruit flies as the occasional carrion fly tries my turtle nest site I used to breed flies for my mantids& mantellas (which I don’t have right now). I'm going to let it dry out.
  2. Nice but in reality how much defense can she do against a predator roach like lobster or orange heads? Will they bite in defense?
  3. I need to get rid of the fruit fly infestation what can I do w/o culling the whole rach colony?
  4. I only have a pair so far looking for more
  5. 1 member of my group. I really like these guys I wish they'd reproduce faster.
  6. these things are fast breeders.
  7. I gave my 2.2 away now i regret it b/c I want more 7 can't find them
  8. wow nice I plan on getting some Therea species this spring. I like the contrast of them.
  9. Nice collection I like variation amongst the species.
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