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  1. Semi desert? Like, Arizona?
  2. Lol, do they dry out and die easily?
  3. So I was moving my B. discoidalis and their egg crate over to a much larger rubbermaid bin when I noticed something unusual. I found these tiny little whiteish, tannish colored bugs runing around on the egg crate. At first I freaked and thought there were termites in my house, but my neighbor (exterminator) assured me that they are way too small to be termites. I dug around for awhile online, and I am pretty sure they are book lice. I have removed the food and water crystals, and am leaving the lid off the enclosure for awhile hoping to dry them out and kill them. Does anyone have any experience with these annoying things?
  4. Could you post a link for the group?
  5. Sounds like you may need to bump up the humidity a bit...
  6. I will tomorrow. It's basically a 50qt Sterilite tub with partial screen on top and egg crates stood up so frass will fall down. There is just enough floor space on one side to squeeze in the food/water dish.
  7. So how much should I mist? I used the containers of water hoping it would maintain constant humidity.
  8. I have a couple small containers with small holes punched in it full of water. Will this help with humidity? When my water crystals come in, I will switch the containers out for water gel.
  9. So I am using a 75w infrared to keep my colony warm. At the top of their egg crates, it is about 88 degrees. Is this too warm for them, or is this a good temp for them to breed? I am trying to jump start my colony's growth as I started with 150 and I want it to start getting bigger FAST. I am giving them a high protein dry food, as well as Oranges for moisture. People with a good colony of them are more than welcome to tell me what they keep their temps at!
  10. Lol. Well I already had a mini dome heat lamp, so I got a stand and a 75 watt infrared bulb over the crates. The top of the crates is reading about 88 degrees atm, so it gets cooler as you get lower. I have a couple of containers with tiny holes in them full of water for humidity. We shall see how it goes .
  11. Hello, fellow Floridian. I am glad to read that you got some Discoids. One of my females just gave me my first 27 babies the other day. I went from 13 to 40 overnight!

  12. So I got 150 blaberus discoidalis this week, and I put them in a 50qt Sterilite tub. I cut off part of the top and attached bug screen for ventilation. My question is, what can I use to keep it warm without getting too hot or breaking the bank?
  13. Thanks! There aren't any pet stores around me that sell them I'm afraid. I am really hoping that I find some soon!
  14. Hello everyone! It is a pleasure to be a new member of the forum. I started getting into tarantulas about six months back, and 1 turned into 11 already. I am sick of buying crickets from my lps to feed them, and I want to start raising blaberus discoidalis as they are legal to keep in Florida. It appears that nobody has a permit to send them to Florida yet, but it is perfectly legal to send them around inside the state. Greg's inverts suggested this site to help me find someone in Florida to help me start a new colony. Hopefully he was right . See you around!
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