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  1. Thank you again very much for your reply I'm sorry to hear that, I really hoped I could find one. I have a pair of frilled dragons, they don't eat by hand/tong. My Lawsons and my Veiled Chameleon do eat by hand, but it would have to be a very slow species like Dubia, for me to handle it. It's okay if it was a large roach, I could just use the babies like I do with Dubia I have had Panchlora Sp. Giant and Blatta Lateralis, but unfurtunatly not good feederroaches for me. Especially B. Lateralis, it was much to fast
  2. Thank you very much for your reply My biggest concern is that if they can climb glass, they can escape the terrariums my reptiles live in Is there really only Dubia and discoids that can not climb glass? I have Dubia, I just wish to have more species to use.
  3. Hi guys. I was wondering if you could help me find the perfect feeder roach for my reptiles I would love it if they were small, maybe like Blatta Lateralis. But I need them to NOT be that fast running and not to be able to crawl out of a box with no lid. Also to be happy living in the dark. So basically, a small Dubia (And no, not just baby-Dubias ) If they could live on egg boxes and reproduce quickly, that would be a big plus, but not a requirement In advance, thank you very much. Best regards Jeanette Denmark
  4. Thank you so much for your reply Orin I'm glad to hear that.
  5. Hi guys. A couple of months ago I started a new culture with Panchlora Sp. Giant. I bought 200 ass. nymfs and adults. Every other day I give them carrot, roach kibble and I pour some water over their substrate, to keep it moist. Their substate is coco humus (don't know if that is the right word?) and they live with buffaloworms/Darkling Beetles/Alphitobius diaperinus to prevent mites. And they get vitamins to. They live in a dark closet with about 28 celcius/82.4 Fahrenheit. I hope I have written down all the informations, that is relevant My problem is, that lately it looks like all the adults has disappeared There are nymfs all over, but only a couple of adults left. I wonder if I have done anything wrong or they just died because they were old? I mean, the nymfs did not die How old can they get? And how long will they be adults? Thank you very much for reading Kind regards Jeanette Denmark
  6. No not yet, unfurtunatly. But I have put up trapes and hope to catch him if he isn't already dried out.
  7. Thank you guys. You're awesome Very helpful!
  8. I'm sorry, I really didn't know where to write this. I hope this is okay Long story, short... I lost one of my Panchlora sp. Giant last night. He crawled under my kitchen cabinets (I can't move them) Of course I don't want him there, so my question is: How long do you think he can survive down there? He may be able to find crumbs, but no fluid/moist. Thank you very much in advance
  9. Thank you very much for explaining it to me Do you think it could be a mix of both Blaberus craniifer and fusca? or maybe one of them and a B. Dubia?
  10. Thank you very much likebugs :D

  11. Happy Birthday! :)

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