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  1. Today i found my first born nimphs...although only arownd 5.
  2. well...still no nimphs, i check for them daily and when i change set up (egg boxes) i dont se them...
  3. Hello! I am proud owner of coloni of around 100 lobs for two months now. Humidity is ok, temps are arownd 30 °C (dont know how much is that in F-i am using heat cable.), food is good....so...everything is perfect. But still no babies-is this :wacko:normal? The oldest adults are 2 months old. How long is their gestation period??? When can I acspect to see their first babies. plz answer my qu estions qz i am worried and impatient.
  4. blay

    Roach sweat?

    I had experianced this to, at my blaberus giganteus colony, especiali among males. Maybe is some kind of pheromone. If you grab this sp. of roaches in your hand and small it, it will stink...maybe is this what we saw...defence odor in the form of drops.
  5. hello! I just got my package of 100 lobster roaches of various sizes. I dont know maybe is just me or do lobster nimfs realy look like hisser nimfs. They are bouth soft bodyed, smell the same, climb glass, their bodye features are all most the same.... so here comes my question: Are hissers and lobs closely related?
  6. The same thing happened among my hissers..and now they are all gone. I alsaw find few cases in my cricket colony. I wont to know what this is so i can prevent it.
  7. Is it true that lats can reproduce with parthogenesis???
  8. Yeah i know,but i would realy like to see a photo....it is easier to imagine that way. So i am apeling to all who have to much time and dont know how to use it, to help me with that. thx by by
  9. Can someone plz take a picture of adult blaptica dubia,blatta lateralis and lobster roach together side by side, and add this pic here, so i can tell the difference in size.
  10. According on what you wrote and what i read on net i gonna buy lobs... They also look much prettyer than lats. Thank you for your advice. by
  11. Well....i had many species of roaches( 6 species) few years ago but my mum got crazy beacouse of them so i got rid of them. So now i am only allowed to bring one sp. of roaches in the house for feeders. I have read many topics of roaches and this two sp. seem ideal for feeding. i am only wooried if they would be to smal for big Ts,centipedes,scorps....??!!! Are they the same size(lobs and lats)-are they bigger or the same size as crickets(acheta domestica)??? PS:sorry for so many silly questions!
  12. Hello! Please tell me witch feeder roach should i pick: lobster roach or lateralis??? I cant decide,so i am asking you guys witch sp. would you pick (or you already did)and why??? Alsaw tell me if lobs dig themeselves in substrat when offered as food??? by by
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