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  1. Dubia pair for £2 ? Check it here: http://stores.ebay.co.uk/ZOO-CENTRE
  2. I keep all hisser roach species available in captivity - almost all of them absolutely differently than (as you said) 'old care' and I say they do not need it! (but of course they are omnivorous- they eat everything. )
  3. The age depends to conditions especially temperature. lower temperature= longer growing and longer age
  4. Sorry but they are absolutely DO NOT NEED some rotten wood or oak leaves. They need quality protein food!
  5. Giant cave roaches (Blaberus giganteus) need animal proteins - does not matter if from meat or other foods, If they do not have them than there is very high mortality during molting from subadults to adults. One my friend feeds them by rat pups,next by cooked chickens or dry cat,dog or fish food or by meat for cats and dogs or by other meat.... If you will feed them by fruits or vegetables only .... you will have a problem.
  6. The best barrier is silicone grease Visit this: http://www.roachforum.com/index.php?showtopic=4003
  7. Sorry but the 80F is not a room temperature I am not sure if 'fast' but I think they can breed... (yes the 68F is room temperature )
  8. It was meant - hisser is who hissing- and the Aptera hissing too. I really do not like the common names- I am sure when the Aptera fusca will be in captivity than one of its common names will be African Dwarf hisser or some similar...
  9. Sorry Orin but some hisser genera does not exist and the Aptera 'is hisser' too. BTW: I spoke with Cameron and the cockroach was not determined yet.
  10. Sorry but it is not possible to determine some Blaberus from some picture of nymph.
  11. Today I put to the bin over 2 litres (a few thousands) of them after cleaning my cockroach colonies.
  12. I think there was too high level of humidity - the flies (worms) live in dead cockroaches. Separate live cockroaches to other container and the flies will not be there.
  13. First- no nymphs can be reproduce Second- they climb over everything (you must use silicon grease or vaseline)
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