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  1. Ok! I did not realize that. Thanks for letting me know.
  2. Axolotl, Not a problem! Glad to help.
  3. What food do they eat for you? What are their favorites?
  4. That is great. Good luck with improving the trait!
  5. Nice!! Are they as bright as the Porcellio scaber “orange” (Bright Orange Sow Bug)? They look a bit duller and closer to the color of the Armadillidium nasatum “peach” (Peach Pill Bug) but it just might be the photos.
  6. OK. Thanks for the clarification. How many generations have you gotten from this set up? When you say "wet the entire" do you mean that you moisten all of the leaves in the enclosure? Thanks!
  7. THANKS! Going to modify my enclosure based on your recommendations. Do you give them just apples and carrots? I give mine apples and carrots and dog food.
  8. I already did that and did not notice a difference. Note that I have the same set up as hisserdude.
  9. Not a problem. I was hoping it offered more information on the roaches natural ecosystem and ecological niche but it does not provide many details.
  10. Interesting article on Polyphaga aegyptiaca: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Philippe_Grandcolas/publication/289265256_Habitat_and_population_structure_of_Polyphaga_aegyptiaca_Blattaria_Polyphagidae_in_Asir_Saudi_Arabia/links/56a8826408ae860e02569853.pdf
  11. I am hoping some one posts about how moist the substrate needs to be.
  12. Death of an order: a comprehensive molecular phylogenetic study confirms that termites are eusocial cockroaches http://rsbl.royalsocietypublishing.org/content/3/3/331
  13. What are the characteristics of Macropanesthia rhinoceros that makes them your favorite? Thanks in advance!
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