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    computing/gaming, my kids, bugs, tarantulas, geckos, being outside, anything fun and steampunk
  1. Little guy didn't make it he died lastnight:( He still hadn't hardened up properly after molting too which I've been told is never a good sign. Still have 4 healthy rhinos left tho.
  2. I put him in his own little pot not long after I received them all so he's just sat on top still alive just a little tilted and not burrowing like the others. Well at least I think it's a he. The guy who sent them all accidentally put 2 others in with the 3 I bought so it was kind of a good news & bad news day. I'll be gutted if he goes tho:( Did some reading latnight too and found a few pictures of legs regrowing on roaches that were being used in research. They just came back a bit at a time with each molt. This little guy is still very active if you pick him up which I'n guessing is
  3. Hi guys I just got 5 Macropanesthia rhinoceros through the post and 1 of them had molted so he/she is in a bad way. The legs down 1 side don't work properly and look a little messed up. At the moment I'm not sure what to do because it seems to be able to eat but it's distressing to watch it try to move as it's dragging itself around. managed to get a half decent picture and you can see all the legs on one side are missing parts or bent the wrong way:(
  4. I've only had them a week and so far only thing apart from mixed muesli and cat biscuits I've fed them is banana:)
  5. Pic of my adult male lucihormetica verrucosa
  6. first time I had the pleasure of seeing one freshly molted:)
  7. Hi thanks and sorry they are Lucihormetica verrucosa I always forget to use the correct name:) I will post some pics later on of the adult I have when my camera is charged. I have one of freshly molted nymph already but it's a bit blurred as I used my phone
  8. Hi guys I'm Annakim and new to roaches and the forum:) Have some headlight roaches which arrived last week and seem to be doing well just need some deeper substrate. Also have some mantids, tarantulas and geckos. I don't plan to use the roaches as feeders tho.
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