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  1. Wow!! I am getting some from Kyle next week and excited to see this behavior! I am glad I was fore-warned!
  2. Yea!! I can't wait! Hopefully mine is waiting for me in my mailbox! Thanks Nancy!
  3. Has anyone got their calendars yet? They said mine was shipped Friday and I don't have it yet! I am to anxious to get it!! Just wondering!
  4. Very Nice!! I just ordered mine! Thanks for doing this.. how fun! and great pictures everyone!! Cant wait to get it!
  5. Hi Nathaniel! Nice of you to join us here! What type of bugs do you have???
  6. They really are an awesome roach.. I think they have the best faces, and love how they peek all the time at me when I am in messing with their tank. They are cute!! I found they (and most mine) LOVE canned pumpkin!! I thought I would try a little of it since I had the can opened, and they pretty much all gobbled it up. (pure, not the mixed one)
  7. I was moving my A.Tesselata's yesterday and found 16 babies. This was 4 months after they molted into adulthood. I now seem to have quite a few huge gravid females. I do not know the numbers, but I do know the timeline! I was thrilled with my 16! I am posting one of the huge girls! and yes, they do seem to be gravid forever!
  8. It's funny.. I was just looking at these on your website today Peter!! I am super interested in getting a pair from you.. Just need to save some money up for them! I want those, and the blue death feigning beetles.. I think those are just the bomb!
  9. My photos are of: #1- a black tiger hisser (G. Grandidieri Black) titled "Just Being Hissie" http://x.co/bsM8 #2- a Peppered Roach (A tesselata) titled "I See You!" http://x.co/bsMG #3- a Death's Head Roach, fresh molt, (Blaberus craniifer) titled "Into Adulthood" http://x.co/bsMP
  10. Thank you Peter, I sent them to you!
  11. Hi Peter, I keep trying to upload 2 photos for the contest, and it says it is to big to upload. My original was 1.7 megs.. I reduced that to about 450 kb's and it still will not upload. I am using the full editor, and uploading from my computer. Any suggestions??
  12. That was amazing to watch!! I love your narrative too!!! very fun!
  13. Hi! Dubias are awesome little bugs!! Good luck with them!
  14. Yup.. warm temps, a little spray now and then, and best left alone. They love almost any type of food, but I usually give mine grated apple and grated carrot. Leaf Lettuce really is a big hit too and it seems to turn them into little love machines.. Mine also have TONS of hiding places, and I use a few sheets of paper towel that I keep sprayed, like every other day.. clumped up on the top. It seems the little ones like to hide in that, and they are easy pickings then for my little geckos that love them so much. Good luck. Patience is probably the biggest thing!
  15. I LOVE this thread!! blatticulturist it is for me also!! I just chalk it up to us bug people being weird! lol.. the rest of the world is "normal" .... And I am darn proud of being a bug person!
  16. I love how they always hang around mom! They are good parents. Congrats on your new babies.. I am sure you will get many MANY more! lol... I have so many I don't know what to do with them all!
  17. Sometimes at printing places you can get the cardboard rolls they have at the end of their giant paper rolls. Usually they throw these out. I have used these, just beware.. they jam themselves in there like mad! It is hard to shake them out.. I think one of my rolls must have weighed 5 pounds! So now I cut a slit down it so I can open it a bit if I have to... silly roachies! But they sure love them!
  18. I agree! People look at me as tho I am crazy!! I usually avoid the topic myself if they are not reptile or bug people.. My son in law was showing his Aunt some of my bug photos I have on my facebook page at our thanksgiving dinner gathering.. I swear she stared at me the rest of the night with such a puzzled look on her face! lol.. Seeing how I am an "older" gal.. late 50's, people do not expect that from me! Oh well.. get over it! Let's see.. how bout "bugoligist"!
  19. I will try and answer, and hopefully someone will jump in that knows for sure... mine all did that also, had the white bands, and it seemed like they had them a long time. Then they shed. I like to spray them a little more when I see they are starting the molt. I think it helps them. As far as the missing skeletons, I don't know.. perhaps they are eating them? I know some do this, not so sure about these tho. The get fairly big... I have some P Vans that are 3 months old now that I have raised, and I keep thinking they look like adults, and then they molt again! I know this is not much help, as I am just learning also. This is just what I have had happen to me.. hope it helps a little! And No question is a dumb question when you are starting out.. we all start out and need help!! This is a nice forum for that, people seem to enjoy helping us new-bees! lol...
  20. Very pretty!! I have not got into beetles yet.. But these are really nice looking! Lovely colors!
  21. I am by no means an expert, but I do have Ob's and these do look like the nymphs. I think they are super cute with their little colorings. They are one of my favorites!
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