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    Welcome back!

    I missed this forum!! I am so happy it is up and running again! Thanks Guys! Hope all is well with everyone. Now to catch up!
  2. Nice! I use moss also. They do love it! The Dubias really love to hide in it and I think it makes them extra loving to one another!
  3. I saw that on Face Book.. quite amazing really!
  4. awww! yea, I hate that! When I moved mine to a different tank i saw lots of ooths, but never still borns. That is to bad Nancy!
  5. Leafs are always my questions too! and have received a lot of reply on other threads about them. Mine seem to LOVE birch leaves... green or dry! My G ports will polish them all off in no time! I live in Wisconsin so this is my time of year to collect all these yummy leaves, however I am sure my neighbors think I am crazy!! Oh well.. it's all about the roaches! I have Oak, which is #1 and mulberry, birch, magnolia and maples. Those are the ones I plan to collect the most of. (my neighbor has some cottonwood trees that are blowing leaves in my yard too) I also have nut trees, such as black walnut and hickory. A Black Cherry tree that I think is ok.. I have tried leaves with no ill effects. My one question that no one was able to answer was of the Sumac Tree. So I am staying away from that one. Altho, I had a goat one time that loved those leaves!
  6. Be very careful with the flour. I had a friend that was told to use the "shake and bake" method with her Madagascars that had a case of the mites (non communal mites) and it killed them all. She thinks it smothered them.
  7. Very nice! Isn't it just so fun getting your first ones and setting them up. They will be super happy in there! I know how you feel about the spiky legs! I still have a hard time handling mine, they have never hurt me as far as that goes, but it scares me more than anything the way they kick! lol...I go as far as using rubber gloves with them if I have to clean tanks and get them all out. Just easier on everyone that way. I know that is just me being "girlie" but I would rather do that, than take the risk of dropping them or having one stab me to the point that I am really afraid to pick them up! I have many different hissers, including a wonderful pair of adult Rhinos... (now those can poke!) but my big G.Ob's are the grumpiest of them all. I have a lot of respect for those big males I tell ya! I also love the way they stomp around the tank, being all hissy! lol! I just walk by their tank and I get hissed at. You will have fun feeding them, and finding out what they like the best. Mine all are big on Romaine lettuce and oranges. Shredded carrots are a favorite all around. Just keep that fresh food in there for a day, so you keep the fruit flies down to a minimum. The little nasty pests are my biggest problem, mostly because of the higher humidity you have to keep the roaches at. I am trying to find a happy medium. I mist my hissers once a day. They don't like it, and hiss up a storm. Good luck, and look forward to seeing more photos!
  8. Pretty awesome!! I LOVE the one of the mites! lol.. good macro lens you have there girl!
  9. Your pictures were pretty big.. hard to tell, but from the little photo, without clicking to see it bigger it sure looks like G. O!
  10. Oh! well, I agree with what likebugs said, some of my portentosa's are very dark, almost black! I actually had wondered the same with my colony. I hope someone has more information for you.. zepher?? I will see if i can send him your way.. he is wonderful with this stuff! What did you order?? the portentosa's?? Hope someone helps soon!!
  11. I am sure you have seen this, but we also have a thread going on that website link... Some very interesting ideas and suggestions have also come from this thread. http://www.roachforum.com/index.php?showtopic=3393
  12. Beautiful Cresties! I keep them as well. They are great geckos. You have an amazing collection of color and patterns!
  13. Interesting! so where do you go from that observation then??
  14. for my heat source for them, I use a heated mat that is taped to the back of the tank. Perhaps that is why they are out more often if your heat source is on the bottom of the enclosure. Just a thought, I don't know how you have yours set up.
  15. I just took this of 4 of my 6 mature Peppered. I like the varied patterns. The dark winged one is still my favorite, and he is very calm too. Maybe because I play with him the most.
  16. OH! I can't wait to see pics of those! I have 4 nymphs, about medium size now. Hurry.. post a pic!
  17. Oh good! You will be fine then! Yes, they are awesome! my favorite for sure. They have a neat little personality. I have mine in a tank, which most my roaches are in tanks, but when all 12 are adults I plan on doing something fun with the tank. They hide, but not to bad, most mine hang out on bark so I can see them. I have a couple that are very calm when I hold them, others that are nuts and try and get away as fast as they can. I love the varied colors and patterns too. Amazing creatures! Post some pics here!
  18. I don't worry to much about that. I feed all my roaches the same stuff. The hissers and the non-hissers get the same food. As far as fresh stuff, my peppereds and hissers all love oranges and romaine lettuce and shredded carrots. So that is what they all get. Some eat it, some don't, but it is offered anyway, and taken out the next day.
  19. As far as I know.. that answer would be yes... do you have males or females then! Darn! Luck of the draw! I was lucky enough to be able to get 12 of them, so I have a mix. I am worried about my Caves however, as I only have 3 of them!
  20. I had just talked to Kyle about this as a matter of fact! and he said yes you can keep them together. They should be just fine! I have my 3 giant caves together now with my little dwarf madagascars, and all seems well. I am happy my pictures inspired you to get some Peppereds.. they are my favorites! Big Beefy things they are.. and quite expressive too.
  21. Nice collection! I have all those but the Tiger Hisser... Very good photos too! Hissers Rock!
  22. LOL.. well, yes, I guess I should have put I "HOPE" she is gravid!
  23. I took this last night of one of my adult female Peppered's! I think she looks Gravid! So exciting!
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