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  1. I have had some delivered inside the quart plastic containers (like what you get potato salad in at the deli) with holes all punched in it.. they had newspaper and a carrot with them, and newspaper packed all around the outside of the container, inside the box. That seemed to work very well also. Maybe that would work better for you!
  2. From what I understand the E.javanica are slower breeders than the E. chopardi, but I do not know about litter size. I have both also, I have been waiting forever for my very fat females E.javanica have their babies! My chopardi, that I just got not to long ago, have already had babies. Zepher would maybe be able to answer your questions. He is always such a helpful friend!
  3. From what I understand the E.javanica are slower breeders than the E. chopardi, but I do not know about litter size. I have both also, I have been waiting forever for my very fat females E.javanica have their babies! My chopardi, that I just got not to long ago, have already had babies. Zepher would maybe be able to answer your questions. He is always such a helpful friend!
  4. cindy


    I think when the lights go out is when everyone comes out! LOL.. If you look at most posts, they are in the wee hours of the night!!! Welcome to the forum! This is a great place to be!
  5. VERY true! I have heard of several people using bee pollen! That is good for people too. I also like to use the gecko diet (altho expensive!) and they seem to really like that stuff. I REALLY appreciate everyone's input on this subject! Thank you! I always thought Paprika was made from a nut!!! Super interesting! After I read the Wikipedia, I realized I was thinking of nutmeg! Which (duh) is most certainly a nut!
  6. Thank you! I used to use the chicken feed for my meal worms. I will see if I can find some around here. I do use the fish pellets. Now is a good time to look for them, when outside ponds are getting close to being wintered, and fish food goes on sale. Is there a particular one that you have found they like? I have bought Koi pellets, Cichlid Pellets, Regular fish pellets and fish sticks. What do you think about the box turtle food? I have bought a little of that to see if they like it, but I don't see them eating any of it.
  7. Those are HUGE!! What awesome looking creatures!!
  8. Thank you for replying on it Kyle.. The Feeder Food issue has always been of interest to me. I read this link that was from above in this post http://www.geckosunlimited.com/community/feeders-food-nutrition/49403-feeder-insect-diets-gutload.html And found that the mix for Cricket/roach just seems odd to me, using all flour and some yeast. Sounds good for the bugs, but what about the animals you are feeding the bugs too? And their feeder mix.. to feed 24 hours before, with the paprika as added beta carotene just seems weird, since Paprika is technically a nut.. and nuts are bad for bugs! I dehydrate carrots for added BC. I just don't know. I don't mind putting in extra effort and time with the food for the bugs. Actually, I enjoy it! So to go to great lengths to make something with proper nutrition and all that good stuff, is fine with me. Maybe I am over analyzing the entire thing, and AM doing more than I need to. I just wish there was a happy medium.. here.. use this.. this and this.. and you got the best food for feeders and for the animals you feed them too.
  9. Thank you for sharing that link! Anyone else willing to give up their secrets?? at least sort of??? Some favorite ingredient they use?? I have used dry baby cereal, the banana oatmeal, they really seem to like.
  10. http://www.forums.repashy.com/diets-live-foods-supplements/38413-roach-revolution-revelation-theory-about-reptile-gout.html I have been looking for this article since this thread started. I had read it awhile ago, by Allen Repashy. I don't know if anyone else has read this, but can you give me your thoughts on it please???
  11. Hi.. here is a thread about pretty much the same thing, and I commented there also. http://www.roachforum.com/index.php?showtopic=3066 hope it helps! I also have a very large tub on wheels for my Dubias, and they are toasty warm with the heater under them, or I also have taped the heaters to the sides of the tubs.
  12. I have nothing to add here, as being new to the roach world and roach diet, but I am very interested in hearing what you pros have to say. Right now, I feed a blended food and whole either pellets or sticks of fish food. Along with the fresh stuff daily or every other day. I would like to know the best thing to feed, as there is much debate about high protein/ low protein/ calcium etc in their diets. What to do! Everyone has an opinion, and I would like to hear from the best!
  13. I gave all mine Papaya last night (fresh) and this morning it is gone from each and every dish! I was so happy to find something that they all liked!!! I know that is not a "bad" food, but I saw other posts with good stuff they liked too.
  14. That would be interesting to read/see! I just read your journal.. great work! It is good that you are doing that since not to much info out there on them!
  15. I have an adult pair, that I keep in a 10 gallon tank with about 3-4 inches of a sand/mulch/leaf litter substrate. I mist the enclosure 2 times a day usually.. just enough to wet the top, and a little to run down the sides of the tank. I make sure that the sand mix is wet enough for their burrows to hold up and not cave in on them by making a hole with my finger, and if it stays, it is good. It works for them, as they seem happy and healthy. My male just molted and was fine, so I guess the humidity is ok. I have this set up per a friend that has successfully raised babies. Feeding them is another story, as it seems they never eat. But they must be. I have an oak litter that I sprinkle on top and eucalyptus leaf dry mix that I bought from Double D's that I feed. I try carrots, romaine, everything that I feed my other roaches. Seems that little of that is eaten. I have a range of temps where I keep them in room temperature, regular ups and downs with heat and cool.
  16. I ordered a pound of Eucalyptus leaves from Dexter and Debbie at Double D's. I have not seen them eat it, but it appears that they do. My rhinos have never come out running for anything! I never even see them unless I dig them out.
  17. That is a good idea with the tissue paper/paper towel, I know when I get my deliveries, most use this method, with a little food like a cut up carrot for moister and eating. I have received my roaches in a box inside a box. The littler box packed with the roaches. I have no idea, how the guys get them in there tho! as soon as it is opened, they come out. Just watch the weather where you are shipping to and from, as I just had a super large order,(400) and they all arrived dead. Not anyone's fault but the postal service. They did not handle them right. My shipper was great and gave me credit for them, but it was very sad. Some will charge extra for a heat/cold pack. I think this helps a bit for awhile. The boxes from the post office are free.. so I grab a bunch whenever I am there. Not that I have mailed any roaches out yet, but I do hope to when I have some to sell!
  18. I know! I was waiting too! I thought I saw another post somewhere about this... but not sure. I hope someone jumps on this! I am curious.. mostly with the climbers!
  19. I have done that, but we have had such a hot summer, they are loving it! I really need to go thru my bin and sort some out again soon here!
  20. I hope it works out! I have a ton of the Madagascars too.. yes, the males can get quite aggressive with one another. If this works out for you, I may also give it a try, just to balance the ratio out a bit. Right now, they are all in a huge tub and they breed like crazy! lol. I would like to slow that down a bit, so keep me informed as how it goes for you.
  21. What kind of Hissers are they?? I am interested in this, as I have some pretty aggressive boys too...I thought about separating them, but worried the fighting would increase. I have taken out male Dubias when the male population took over the females and wing biting occurred. This worked out ok for them it seemed. But I have not tried it with my Hissers.
  22. I have fruit flies also... I just try and keep all the fresh food picked out as soon as possible. that helps. I also have those pesty grain mites.. Thank goodness, no american roaches have peeked in yet.. rather rare where I am, and I hope they stay that way... Is there a way for you to haul all your stuff outside and spray the rooms?? Maybe leave them out for an entire day??? I know that would be such a pain, but maybe that is the only way. I always used this white sticky sugary liquid you can buy and put on cardboard for the ants.. that always cleared them up. Stores carry it. I don't remember the name of it, but it came in a squirt bottle and you put a couple drops on the cardboard, they all gathered around it and ate it, taking it back to their little ant colony. Took care of them pretty quick. Good luck!! Maybe try some of that stuff they advertise that you can spray around the outside of your house along the foundation... suposed to keep the bad bugs out.
  23. Thanks Zeph! yea, that is odd isn't it! Maybe it is just because I am constantly bugging the ? mark! lol.. I was so excited to get my first one had him out all the time. I will have to work with the other guy.
  24. I finally got an adult Domino! Yes!! Here is pic i put together of the Question Mark and the Domino adults I have! Just one of each so far, but some of my nymphs are looking pretty big! The Dominos are extremely nervous! I can hold the Question Mark all day, but not the Domino! no way!
  25. Awesome!!!! I didn't know you ordered some! Yes.. those are big! Way bigger nymphs than mine were at first! Congratulations! Can't wait to hear how it all goes. How many did you get?? Yes, I may try and pull that dark male out, and find a darker female if I have one. I am super excited about him too! Thanks for sharing, and please, keep the pics coming! This is fun to see other peppereds.
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