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  1. I didn't do anything! That one with the white head is really dark winged. It is a male. My other ones look "normal" from other pics I have seen, so I am not quite sure why that one is so dark. I like it also.. They just came that way!
  2. Messing with the Peppered's! I am always trying to get cool pix of them, and I took this of one, and zoomed it in, and saw this awesome eye! It was so unusual to me to see the shape, I cropped it in close and here it is! Pretty neat.. bugs are cool!
  3. This one on the bottom of the photo has a very light head compared to the others, and the wings are almost blacked out. Much different then all the others that have matured so far. I think he is very pretty!
  4. Hummm.. tough to think about, but after you said that, I have never seen a dead white one in my bins... perhaps even after death, right after, or during a molt, they harden and turn black. I bet someone has done some sort of research on this.
  5. Yes, I never handle them either.. I was transferring all of them from one tank I had them in to a tub.. I had to handle it.. I was so gentle and happened to have the camera right with me. All seemed well with it after transferring thankfully!
  6. What is AIF? I meant to ask you that earlier! Well you are super lucky to have that many.. they are so rare, and extremely expensive! So good for you!! If you want to sell any, let me know! I don't know about the smooshing in a corner.. You may want to add just a bit more depth for them to feel comfy, or like I said, add some lighter material, like leaf litter or a mulch.
  7. WOW!! You have a ton of them! You are so lucky!! Great pics.. Looks like in the last photo, some of your babies are getting ready to molt! You could do a gradual depth also.. a bit more on one end for the bigger ones.. I thought you only had little ones! Well, see how they do. I am sure they are not going to be super happy with just a thin layer. Maybe add a bunch of leaf litter for them. That would give them depth, while not as heavy as the sand is. They are beautiful!! now I am jealous! lol.. Have fun, and let us know how that goes. They like turtle food huh?? I will have to get some of that!
  8. Awesome Pictures!!! They look like fun little creatures!
  9. I did spray him a little, but thinking he was trying to dry from his molt, I didn't want to do that so much. Thank you for your input! I have been thinking about your questions before, about keeping them. Since I am new at this, I am going by what a friend told me that had successfully bred a pair awhile ago. She told me to put them in a mix of about 60% sand, 30% pine bark mulch. Keep it wet enough for the tunnels to hold up. I test this by sticking my finger in the sand mix, and if it looks ok, I try and keep it at that wetness. I have about 2-3 inches of it, deeper at one end than the other where I put the food and water crystals. I spray twice a day, still making sure the hole my finger makes holds up. I don't know about babies... I guess if it were me, I would not give them that much depth. I worry they don't eat good, but they must be if he molted, and the female looks fine. She is big, so I am thinking she is adult. I bought a bag of eucalyptus leaves from Dexter and Debbie at Double D's. 15.00 for a bag, and it will last a long long time. They feed theirs that. I see they eat a little of it. I give mine romaine, carrots, and try other things, but it seems those 2 things I can see they nibble on. I also give them my hisser mix, that I make with fish pellets. I use a little strawberry protein whey and crested gecko food dry. I need more fish food sticks, as these seem to be a favorite for everyone. I have not tried it with the Rhinos. I wish you luck with yours, are there any photos of them??? I try never to disturb them, just about every 4 or 5 days I dig them out to see if everything is ok. They are simply awesome. I love how they try and dig a hole in your hand when you hold them! Their little spiky odd legs! I will post more, if I discover they ate anything other than the romaine and carrots. OH.. and of course, they get the oak leaves! Those I do see they munch on. Almost forgot that! They also seem to like rotted wood. I keep mine at room temp. No added heat. I hear they like it cooler. My place I keep them varies from 70-80 sometime 85! I plan to put them in the basement when we get that finished, just can't seem to bring myself to banish them to it just yet!
  10. Not at all Johnny!I consider it an honor! It is on my phone wallpaper too! thank you!
  11. I just had to post this.. I think it is a cool photo! It looks so demure and sweet!
  12. Thank you! I got a little worried about the male today, as he was sitting on top of the sub-straight all day, but talked to Zephyr, and we both think he was just drying out. He flipped over once, but now he is dug in again. I will check him in the morning to be sure he is ok.
  13. If you still want some leaves, I processed a bit of them today.. double baked! I don't have much, as 3 shopping bags only made a little under 2 pounds but if you would like some, let me know. They are very clean, I picked out all stems and sticks and hand crushed them. All my gang got new stash tonight! My house smells like a campfire...
  14. Oh good! Matt has some too! I just walked around outside, and found a ton of leaves from last fall that I didn't even know about! I am going to rake them up now. I live in the country so they are fine, like Matt said, no run off or neighbors that spray. I trust that they are pesticide free also.
  15. Wow.. well, I don't know about the sand! lol...I am going to go out today and see if I can find some leaves left from last fall. That is what I used this summer, and I am sure there are more out there to be found. If I can get a bunch, I will let you know so you have some right away. I am surrounded by trees, and have many varietys. I have a magnolia tree that is good too. I can't wait till fall! Let me see what I can find, I will let ya know.
  16. I have a ton of Oak in my yard, that I know is not sprayed. I plan on collecting this fall. I will offer it to people who need it then. I could mail you leaves now, but they would be green, and you would have to dry them. But I would be happy to do that for you. Small fee plus s&h. Let me know if you would like me to do this.
  17. Hi Guys.. check out my pics of the Rhino Roaches!

  18. I was surprised to see that my male Rhino Roach had gone through a molt not to long ago! I was digging them out to check on them, and he was all orange/yellow and it sort of worried me... But I am sure it is just that he molted. I got this pair from Dexter and Debbie of Double D's almost 2 months ago. I think they are just awesome! In the last picture, I like how the female looks like she is smiling! I wonder if she knows something I don't...
  19. Awww! they are such good mommies!!
  20. Oh! I had a friend try that and it killed them! Got in their lungs I suppose.. I would not want to risk it.
  21. Pirate bugs? like isopods? I know with Milli's to run them under a little stream of water, I wonder if this would work with the roaches? I am not to excited about picking them off them! lol..
  22. Mine will eat the skin if I leave it in there to long. Usually they don't, but I always wash the orange good before putting it in there just in case.
  23. is there a way to get the mites off the roach?? mine have them too, and I know some are good, but what DO you do if it gets out of control. I was wondering that last night when looking at my hissers. It seems I can see more than usual on them. Good Question roachboy! I am very interested in answers too!
  24. Oh isn't he a handsome one! How exciting! I understand about never seeing the Giganteus! lol.. I am waiting for mine too mature also. It truly is exciting isn't it when you look in there and see them all big and beautiful for the first time! Like how I felt with my Peppered. Your Orangie is very pretty! I don't have any of those, but would like to get some! Congratulations!
  25. Yes!! they LOVE oranges! I live in Wisconsin, so Oranges are a treat, but very appreciated when they do get them!
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