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  1. Great photos of these 2 guys! Your Rhino looks massive! Love it!
  2. My roaches are maturing finally!! I have had my question marks since May of this year, and finally one Matured! Oh they are totally beautiful.. so delicate and leggy! I was very excited! I bought 6 of them from Bugs in cyberspace, and with their generous hearts, I ended up with 10 total. I am super excited about these! I have 9 Dominos also, and not so patiently waiting for those to become adults!
  3. Now that is neat!! I love the top photo.. what a cool looking guy.. and a luna moth!! Awesome!
  4. Wow! It would be cool if they came in orange!! Love this shot!
  5. I am probably the last person to give advice being new here, but I have successfully raised Dubia now for about a year. It was slow going at first, and now I have tons of them. I keep mine in a dark tub with a screen cut in the top. I hardly ever disturb them, except to feed and water and spray. I only go in when I have to, as it upsets the females. My Madagascar's abort if they get to riled up or upset. I have a small amount of substrate in my tub, a little mulch is all, and a fine layer of coco fiber and sphagnum moss in the corner to keep it moist. They have cardboard boxes, branches, tubes, anything I can think of to toss in the tub for them to hide in. I give mine veggies every day.. and romaine lettuce is a favorite. They love carrots too, almost everything I toss in there, they eat. They love wheat bread. Just watch the mold. They like to be kept in tight places, so maybe your bin is too big, and they are not comfy in there. Just a few ideas.. Hope it helps.
  6. I got my first batch from Peter at bugsincyberspace.com Then the 2nd batch (i loved them so much) from Dexter at doubled's... they both were wonderful deliveries, the ones from Dexter were larger when I got them. Very nice. I just had another mature last night.. this one was even lighter when I saw it. The first one is nice an brown now, but I like this light color!
  7. I have 3 Caves... I never see them. I worry also about the sudden death after molt. I have seen the peppered out since I got them, they enjoy climbing on branches and seem curious, which is odd for a roach! I would WAY rather have the peppered then the Caves. I have one Peppered, that actually seems to enjoy being out and held. Most the others run and hide from the big hand, but this one guy comes almost running to me! They are odd little creatures! I give a big thumbs up to getting them!
  8. Thank you! Yup.. water... I was just randomly spraying when he popped out from behind a branch! I think you are right about him not being fully hardened. You should get them if you are thinking about it, out of all my roaches, these are top of my list as favorites. They are gentle giants.
  9. Gosh what a shame! Poor little guys!
  10. I am so excited! I just noticed that I had one reach adulthood! A beautiful Male, about 3 inches long. I had to show off some photos I just took of him. I was happy to get some cute face pictures. Hope you like them!
  11. Awwww! What happened to them!
  12. Another thing my hissers love is banana! There is never leftovers in their dish in the morning!
  13. Hi Sylva! I am pretty new to the roach world (about a year now) and have quite a few different kinds, one is the Madagascar. You will be able to tell male and female by their heads. The male has "horns" on the top of his head. As far as feeding, I give mine everything I can think of, in tiny little bits, to see what they like best. I shred all my carrots, and things that are hard, they like that but you don't have to do that. Mine love romaine lettuce and I throw a big leaf in for them and it is always gone. I have a couple hundred of them tho.. so just do not feed them much and take it out the next day. I feed mine at night, and take leftovers out in the morning. You have come to the right place for info, I think I have read almost all the topics here, and there is a very helpful one about feeding. You just have to look around here and you will find most your answers. I am also on facebook if you would like to add me as a friend! Good luck with your new Mads! I think they are awesome! Cindy
  14. And here the roach is today after he/she hardened.. very shiny and pretty!
  15. I just took this tonight of one of my peppered! Oh they take forever to become adults!! lol.. I am to excited to get an adult!
  16. http://cgi.ebay.com/Heat-Sprout-Seedling-Heat-Mat-Germination-3-Sizes-/330495808600?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&var=&hash=item7dbbc8159b#ht_805wt_1163 I don't know if you can get this link, but this is somewhat on the same basis of what I use to heat my tubs. They are safe for plastic, as they go under the little plastic greenhouses for plants. I buy mine at Menards, and they had 10x20 inch for 20 dollars, and a 20x20 for 24.00 They work perfect for heating substrate and I use them all the time. I feel they are much safer than heating pads. I like this one from the link, as you can get it to size! Not bad pricing either. Hope you can get the link, if not,try to search "Heat-Sprout Seedling Heat Mat Germination" in Ebay
  17. Hi everyone! This is my first time posting! I will tell you right off, I am not good with the scientific names of my roaches, so bear with me! I have just pretty much started my "hobby" about a year ago. Starting with Dubias. I now have 14 different types! I just got a pair of Rhino Roaches!I thought I would start in this thread, because it is (like most threads here) super interesting to me to hear what others use. I had all mine on Coco Fiber, mulches and dried leaves. I found that I was getting tons of mites and fruit flies.. (the bane of my existence.)I pull the food daily but still was a never ending battle. I decided to try Sphagnum moss now. I mix a little coco fiber with it just to give it some body.I have been using this for 1 week now, and not a mite in site. The roaches seem to like it, and when i mist, it stays moist for a long time. It dries out underneath, but stays pretty moist in the middle.I give them a good bunch of it, and the ones the burrow seem to really like it. I live in a pretty humid area in the summer, Wisconsin, so mites and fruit flies are all part of the game. Has anyone had any bad effects with Sphagnum? I get it at home depot, it is an organic and actually harvested right here in Wisconsin. Thank you for taking time to read this! I have lots of questions, and my bug buddies are sure to be tired of me "bugging" them all the time!!! Thank you Kyle, Orin, Dexter and Peter for your patience and help you have given me. You guys are the best!
  18. Being fairly new to the hobby of Roaches, this forum is my favorite place to spend time. I have learned so much from everyone here. I have quiet a collection now of different roaches, and most all bought from people here on this forum. My latest and most very special addition is a pair of Rhino Roaches purchased from double d's! They are amazing! .

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