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  1. just wondering how many states have bans on shipping roaches is it just 2?are there any state where the person needs a permint.i'm hoping to start saleing roaches online
  2. hmm trying to think who do i know has birds that shit
  3. yea if anything they may help keep them healthy.the only problem i';ve had is when they got in a bin with only a few roaches and was hanging out on one to where anyones naked eye could notice them.as fair as other pets they can't harm them and just want to live off your roaches
  4. hell that thing in pic 2 send it to me lol.u can use sticky tape..painful for the rach but the frogs/feder plants will all be safe
  5. only time people tend to have them for sales when am broke and they sale out fast
  6. lol you have giant cave roaches dude u suick.cant find um no where
  7. everything i read says to have humidity at 50 to 60..thank to where i live i just kinda need to wet down moss once a week to do so
  8. anyone else watch this?if so who is your favorite male and female on the show
  9. they get pretty small better safe then sorry i'd sugest about that size hole maybe a litle bigger.holes also help keep the humdity contraled
  10. i see mine running around a lot at night
  11. yeah.there worth it a good lid is a must .they got climbing skills..like i use a corn skewers r.to stay holes in the lid so even the tinyest nymphs cant get out but there is pleanty of air hold on the side and top.
  12. sometimes i give mine blue buffalo cat food or friskys,purina one puppy chow ,turtle pellets and box turtle food and left over deer meats(without salt or butter).bug burger also works well,i find orgeans, bannas, strawberrys and apples work well as a blanced diet .salad is good and good way to give them water.you can also give them patoes slices, pineapple , and thing like cheerios, mini weats, frosted flakes,as treat foods.they seem to like that.fried okra eh there is not much that is bad for them.just never give the coconuts, peanutbutter, or beer or something like that.
  13. anytime i must say these guys seem really active compared to some of my other roaches
  14. what kinda stuff do you use for bedding and hides for these guys.just egg creates?
  15. i'll probly just get some at roachcrossing and hope they are all pure.
  16. idk i was going get them from roachcrossing but appertly the dudes has a message up that said This stock is currently being examined to validate its purity.so i was like maybe i'll wait so i tryed bugs incyberspace but the guy there didnt have any for sale.then ll reptile in no longer saleing them and westcoastroaches where i think has maybe limited supply.i would like to get 150 or so pure breeds. kinda been waiting to get a colony of these going.just need to find some lol
  17. large pice of driftwood or something like that nice to have for the adult to get on top on.helps keep there wings stay all sexy.sometimes some species may also jump of it and spread there wings.its good to use things like wood for babys to hide i and adult to hide under.try to wege it up and lean on your tank or whatever u are useing
  18. no idea wish i had them all in my collection however
  19. dubias or hissers.save your money lol.if u got to many fireflys i'll take some
  20. i drill holes in wood i heat tree.babys can hide and adults cant get there heads in deep enough.3 inches of bedding helps too.keep roaches 1 male to 5 females males will spmetimes eat babys if they are stressed make sure every male has his own area to hide
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