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  1. Im interested in talking to you through private emails about your trade. thumpersalley@yahoo.com Kim

  2. Im looking for a list of dry foods I can feed my roaches. I also feed wet foods like vegis & such daily but need a complete list of what has no moisture in it to prevent molding for several days at a time. Kim
  3. I have a small bag of fir bark, the kind some people use for some species or reptile. Can I use this for my different species of burrowing roaches? I also have access to peat moss & just trimmed/green oak leaves, just trimmed cherry tree leaves, just trimmed willow leaves & tons of grass, clover & dandelion so Im thinking of a combo of all of these. I dont have access to rotting oak leaves. I tried doing a search on this forum for "fir bark" but the engine kept saying I was using too small of a word. Kim
  4. Each forum is species specific even if it covers all species in subforums. I go to the Roach forum for roach discussions not for tarantulas. I go to Scorpion forum for scorpion discussions not reptiles. It doesnt surprise me at all that theres no pick up in talks on other forums when AB is down. Kim
  5. My name is Kim, I live in Oregon. Im on this forum to hopefully get some more species of roaches & other inverts for our free educational presentations. We have about 100 of them a year. We get invited to schools & other places to help dispell the myths about insects & educate about them. Kim
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