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  1. I only feed them twice a week at most, with parrot fruit and veggie flavour pallets. Occasionally some kitchen leftover or some fresh veggies and fruits that's about to go bad. Once a month, I offer some cat/dog pallets to some species that need extra protein.
  2. You need some vertical space with larger flat surface area for them to find easily. They need space to hold on to, come out, and hang there for a while. Egg cartons just won't cut it, IMHO.
  3. Thanks for the reply, I think I'll try increase humidity and possibly do some culling of the colony and see how it goes. Its really packed in the tub, whenever I throw food in there, I just have to spread the food in the tub, and they came out like cockroach attack in movies.
  4. I had some mishap with styrofoam, my first draft hisser colony died out when I was using some styrofoam egg crate. I still don't know whether styrofoam was the cause, but that was the only difference I could find compare to other colonies.
  5. Arh, that make sense, since the tub getting a little overcrowded, and as the weather is getting cold, humidity also dropped quite a bit. Thanks Kenneth
  6. My Blaberus giganteus recently started some really bad cannibalising all the newly molted individuals. I feed them mostly parrot pallets, with some cat pallets every few days, and occasionally fresh veggies and fruits left over from my kitchen. Could it be over crowded or the weather is getting cooler? Just want some ideas, maybe its nothing, maybe they've been doing it all the time, and just happened I notice the last few times. Cheers Kenneth
  7. I could imagine my Leopard Geckos get swarmed and eaten if I neglect feeding the roaches for a day or two. Some of my feeder colonies are, what I consider, vicious that I truly believe if I place my hand in there for an hour or two, provided I could keep my hand stable enough, my hand would probably missing a big chunk of meat, if it still exists at all!
  8. Depends on what kind of reptiles and how many you are talking about. I have 4 geckos, and my Dubia colony is never more than 500ish and thats more than enough to keep the ball rolling. I just give any excess to my friends every once in awhile.
  9. Thanks, I really hope that some of the nymphs down there are females, I probably wouldn't bother them, I'll just keep my fingers crossed.
  10. About a year ago, a seller gave me a few Dominos as gift when i was purchasing other stuffs from him. Those quickly died but left me quite a few egg capsules. I left them alone for many months until I saw some movements in the substrate, and I started feeding them. Surprisingly (to me), I ended up quite a few of them. Anyway, now I have about 20 adults, and still there are some nymphs under the substrate. They have been matured for over 2 months now, but I have yet seen any new egg cases. So I examined them carefully, and I couldn't find any females, they all have very long antennae. So my question is that whether it is normal for Domino roaches to have a very high male ratio? Cheers Kenneth
  11. Almost the same thing happened to my hybrid hisser colony last month. The tube was close the window, but I forgot the sun will shine on that spot for an hour or so in summer, the whole box was overheated one day, and everything in it literally cooked.
  12. From the pictures, i think it is a female as well.
  13. Thanks for the replies. I started a few days ago, and the best thing is that even the domino and peppered roaches went crazy about those pallets, they didn't usually eat that much!
  14. I am thinking to use parrot pallets to feed my roaches instead of fresh fruits and veggies. Brand like Zupreem have different kind of pallets, but fruit mix, and veggie mix seems suitable. I can get a 3.5 lb bag for US$15, so it would work out much much cheaper than fresh fruits and veggies.
  15. Yeah, put them in a small box first, that's what I will do. Another problem I was facing at the beginning of most colonies is mites and other critters, they easily overwhelm the nymphs if I keep the enclosure high in humidity and have food in there at all time, so I had to feed and spray sparingly which further slow things down.
  16. I have to agree, sometimes I split a colony prematurely, everything slow down, including eating, movement, countship... etc. For most species I have, the perfect quantity for a box is when I open the box to disturb them, there is just enough space for them to packed together and hide at the bottom layers, leaving the top 2 layers of egg crates largely empty. For many species I have acquired, they only started become really active and breeding crazy when they reach certain density.
  17. I think they all can eat raw dog food, but whether they would eat depends on species. Most of my hissers are picky eaters, while I truly believe my Giant Gave roaches will eat my hand if I leave it there long enough. My dubia would pretty much eat anything I throw at them.
  18. I agreed with Katie as well. I just leave mine alone, and they breed like weed. I never pay attention to their capsules, I just leave them in the same container as the adults, I even throw food and water directly on the capsules due to limited open space, and when its time, they just hatch anyway.
  19. Mine eat frozen, fresh, dried, even slightly bad... they pretty much eat anything I throw at them, and they're breeding like weeds.
  20. They certain look like B. lateral is to me. The mature one is a female as well. Yeah, they bother me too, I'd be extra careful whenever I need to catch them for my geckos, I also need to stun them by putting them into the fridge for awhile before feeding or my geckos will never be able to catch them. Every time I accidentally drop one or two on the floor, Ive never managed to catch them, they just vanished. Only my dog knows where they hide, and have the patience to wait them out, so I had to rely on my dog to catch them dead or alive, usually dead and flat though. LOL
  21. The first one looks like he's done his final molt for less than a week.
  22. Most roaches are less active and so they eat less when they are not in a colony, since they prefer hiding all day long. 2 hissers certainly would be a very slow start, I think we're looking at 9 months to 1 year for some real activities to be observed. I have a few different hisser colonies, some are already around 50 individuals (started from around 4) but they're still very inactive and skittish, while I have a hybrid hisser colony which have more than 300 individuals, they are so brave that every time I throw food in there, they riot the whole place, stepping on each others... etc. I also have a medium size Elliptorhina javanica colony and a small size Aeluropoda insignias colony, Aeluropoda insignias had been very slow going due to their small number, so I decided to mix them together (i am quite certain that they won't hybrid). Since then both species has been producing young's a lot quicker, and are willing to eat while I am watching which they had never done before. So I guess for all of your concerns, smaller container and number is the key. If you have a small enough container, your colony will start to thrive after 1 or 2 clutches of nymphs.
  23. That sounds a possibility. I have tried keeping them hot, warm, and room temp., also very high humidity, high humidity, moderate humidity, and low humidity. But they seem to die off at a steady rate.
  24. I have had my first batch of adult Pepper Roaches and Giant Cave Roaches at last december, during the winter (5C - 15C outside, 10C - 25C inside) half of the pepper roaches died off, and breeding was horribly slow, I only discovered around 10 nymphs last check. But the Giant Cave Roaches were breeding like wild fire spreading, I tried but lost count, when I throw food in there, a swarm of nymphs rush out to riot! Can I expect my Peppers to pick up after the weather warm up a bit? Just wondering, since I hate to lose that colony, I had to import them from UK. Cheers Kenneth
  25. I throw all the food lying at the bottom of my parrot cage into the dubia tube, place the box on top of my computer (which is hot), and give them plenty of water. They grow FAST!
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