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  1. this is one of the peppered roaches feeding on salad leaves..really nice roaches
  2. i come from the united kingdom..i have heard about the devastation land snails are causing in places where they are being released..a bit like things like mink and grey squirrels here in the uk
  3. thank you ive only 2 of these atm and they really fascinate me
  4. thank you for your comment...they are my favourite mantid..feed well and really easy to raise i really like the green phase ones..heard they can quite rare though
  5. little ghost mantis l2/l3 believe it or not..these are siblings..only one shed behind..gives you idea of how much they shoot up after just one shed
  6. you could try egg/polutry suppliers,supermarkets)they throw them away anyway) or even places online like ebay for the egg flats/trays regarding alternatives you could try normal egg boxes/rcardboard tubes..anything that provides hiding places really...
  7. i culture flightless fruit flies(really easy to do and in time youll have ready supply if decide to expand your collection) so just tap them into each mantis tub(well nymphs) i find it easier to culture fruitflies than crickets, for larger mantids i feed bluebottle,green bottle and houseflies along with feeding them turkistan roaches etc (variety of foods always works well ive found) ghosts are amazing mantids,best of luck with your mantids
  8. hey do you know anything of its background (such as was it off a breeder or wild collected) as even females that haven't been bred lay ooths but are infertile if it is fertile it should take 5-6 weeks to hatch(but i have heard of upto 9 weeks in some cases)...you seem to be keeping humidity up well by spray it and me personally keep mine at 82-84f other than that have few cultures of fruit flies ready as they do pack it away as nymphs haha
  9. my favourite blaberu speices..i keep the normals and black wings i have seperate but even doing that i have been sold hybrids so trying to wean them out my colonies as feeders
  10. thank you likebugs the top roach was like that for hours..probably thought id not notice it
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