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  1. Hi guys, I am hoping you can help me out. One of my Macropanesthia rhinoceros, which I have had for months now, has started rolling itself on to its back and I am not sure why, I have seen others mentioning this might be to do with shedding? Does anyone out there know for sure? Thanks, Luke
  2. How have you set up your Macropanesthia rhinoceros? It seems that the consensus is that humidity needs to be high, to the point that having condensation build up is a good sign. However, in the wild rhinos are found in arid sandy Eucalyptus forests or Acacia scrub land in Queensland and only very rarely in rainforest. They also seem to prefer cooler temperatures with the temperature within their natural burrows being recorded at a stable 20C. This seems to be why their burrows can sometimes be up to 1m below the surface; to get away from the heat outside and only come out later in the day once the temperature has dropped in search for dried leaf litter which they then cache in their nest chamber at the end of their burrows. I am really interested in knowing whether anyone is keeping them in a dryer setup and if they are thriving and breeding? Maybe they are just very hardy and can adapt to a wide variety of environments? Luke
  3. Hi Kenneth, Thank you for replying. How long have you been feeding E. globulus to your rhinos? Luke
  4. My A. tessellata love beetle jelly! Luke
  5. Hello, I too am very interested in this colour enhancing concept. I am personally feeding these to my roaches, along with other things. I use the pellets because they do not get as mouldy or soggy as does the flake foods. particularlyI am particularly interested in what you said about algae causing stunted growth, as I have never heard about this before. I believe almost all commercial fish foods on the market contain some species of algae and considering commercial fish food, whether flaked or pelleted, forms one of the staple dry foods most used by those keeping roaches, what does this mean for our roaches? I would love to hear of any other research into this. Luke
  6. Does anyone out there know if dried leaves from Eucalyptus globulus (a long, narrow leaf, species) are safe for Macropanesthia rhinoceros? I would especially like to hear from anyone that actually feeds this species to their roaches and have either noted or not noted any issues. Luke
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